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The art of digital design

We hear a lot about storytelling with regards to digital, but we've found that it's great design that first engages people on our digital platforms.
The art of digital design

This makes sense as, according to Kissmetrics, 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual and splitting up content with compelling images makes the reader more likely to finish the article.

To research this article we went straight to One Lady and A Tribe’s design source, Bernie Da Silva, our creative director. Here are her top of mind thoughts on designing for digital.

1. To separate non-digital and design is an old way of thinking

The rapid growth of digital has made marketing an industry of silos which need to be broken down for brands to succeed across all the platforms available. Ditto with digital. Separating design as digital and non-digital is an old way of thinking; you can’t think design today without incorporating digital.

2. The future of digital design will be a fusion of art, engineering and science

Digital design is being swept up by the fields of engineering and science by necessity as the boundaries of virtual reality and augmented reality are pushed. Just witnessing the recent Pokémon Go phenomenon, for example, has opened up a whole new channel for brands to integrate design, engineering, science and geography to innovate within.

3. "Each social media post should be an art piece." Bernie Da Silva

Some digital content marketers dumb-down on design, forgoing the use of an experienced designer, using online design tools such as PicMonkey instead. While this might be acceptable for an amateur Facebook page, serious brands need an overall strategy which is fully integrated. One story. Multiple ideas. Multiple expressions of the story. Multiple channels. From Bernie’s creative director perspective; it is essential that the “handwriting” reflects the brand essence and is consistent – helping customers believe in the value and authenticity of the brand.

4. “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” Neville Brody

From his days at the London College of Printing (designing a stamp with the Queen on sideways) to his art directorship for The Face magazine in the 1980’s, Neville Brody’s take on design has always pushed the limits. Stating that the paint on digital design never dries is profound: once a digital design is out there, it is there forever, housed on the internet. So it had better be good.

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Sheila McGillivray's knowledge of the advertising industry spans four decades. Sheila's energy, enthusiasm and passion for her work has grown with every new position and challenge. Her experience in the industry is exceeded only by her willingness to keep learning and innovating.

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