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Creative Circle results - September/October

Creative Circle Ad of the Month results for September and October 2009 entries had no winners in the magazine and outdoor categories, and entrants into the experiential need to pay more attention to their entries and how they are packaged.


1. IB McIntyre/Masterlock - Puzzles “Ring/Watch/Gun” - FoxP2
2. Mango/Retail “Speed-O-Guy/Clash of the Siblings/Aunts New Boyfriend” - DDB SA


Due to few entries, this category has been held over


Due to few entries, this category has been held over


1 Alan Gray “Legend” - KingJames CT
2. Medal Paints “Karate/Underwear/Cat” - Lowe Bull Jhb
3. Entyce Beverages/Frisco Coffee “Roots” - FoxP2


1. DStv/I'm a let you finish Camp. “Hyena/Small Steps/Mshini Wam/Beef” - Ogilvy Jhb
2. Medal Paints “Red/Blue/Black” - Lowe Bull Jhb
3. Ramsay Media/Car Magazine “Ashton” - Bester Burke


1. Pendoring Awards “Calendar” - Joe Public
2. Spier/Wines “Festive Corks” - Joe Public
3. Aids Foundation/Rock 4 Aids “Antiretroviro” - Joe Public

The judging panel, led by Vanessa Pearson of McCann, were Terry McKenna, Grey; Claudi Potter, DDB; Chris Charoux, Lowe Bull; Zee Tshabangu, Ogilvy; Suhana Gordhan, Black River FC; Kerryn Lee Maggs, Hello World; Wihan Meerholtz, TBWA Hunt Lascaris; Bruce Murphy, Y&R; Xolisa Dyeshana, Joe Public; Byron Liatos, Net#Work BBDO; and Paul Strappini, JWT.

Award comments

Vanessa Pearson made the following comments on the awards:
Newspaper - six entries in this category, with Fox P2's campaign entry for Masterlock taking first place - a neat idea simply executed. DDB's well art directed Mango campaign took second place.

Experiential - 20 entries in this category with Joe Public taking first, second and third place for its Pendoring calendar, Spier Wines festive corks and Rock for Aids Foundation campaign. However, the majority of the ideas in this category were below par, as was the way in which they were entered. Unfortunately, there still appears to be some misunderstanding as to how to package entries in this category, with no clear flow plans for instance, and that makes it almost impossible to judge some of the work.

Radio - 17 entries with Ogilvy's ‘I'm a let you finish' DSTV campaign being a worthy, well-produced and funny winner.

Film - 19 entries with a clear winner for King James and its beautifully produced Allan Gray ‘Legend' spot. Fox P2's ‘Roots' Frisco ad was fun as was the campaign for Medal Paints produced by Lowe Bull JHB. It was suggested that the Medal Paints logo sequence needs a little tweaking.


Newspaper Award
• Agency: FoxP2
• Client: IB McIntyre
• Product: Puzzles
• Title: Ring/Watch/Gun
• CD: Andrew Whitehouse/Justin Gomes
• AD: Reijer van der Vlugt
• CW: Justin Osburn
• Photog: N/A

• Agency: DDB SA
• Client: Mango
• Product: Retail
• Title: Speed-0-Guy/Clash of the Siblings/Aunts new Boyfriend
• CD: Gareth Lessing
• AD: Kursten Meyer
• CW: Verona Singh
• Illust: Barry Jackson/Kursten Meyer

• Agency: KingJames CT
• Client: Allan Grey
• Product: Allan Grey
• Title: Legend
• CD: Alistair King
• AD: Karin Barry-McCormack
• CW: Paige Nick
• Prod Co: Velocity Films (Producer Grant Davies)
• Director: Keith Rose
• Editor: Ricky Boyd
• Audio Eng: N/A
• Audio Des: N/A
• Voice Art: Keith Rhoades

• Agency: Lowe Bull Jhb
• Client: Medal Paints
• Product: Medal Paints
• Title: Karate/Underwear/Cat
• CD:: Rui Alves
• AD: Christopher Charoux
• CW: Eoin Welsh
• Prod Co: Bouffant
• Director: Erik van Wyk
• Editor: N/A

• Agency: FoxP2
• Client: Entyce Beverages
• Product: Frisco Coffee
• Title: Roots
• CD: Justin Gomes/Andrew Whitehouse
• AD: Reijer van der Vlugt
• CW: Justin Osburne
• Prod Co: CAB
• Director: Bruce Paynter
• Editor: Angela Whitehouse
• Audio Eng: Arnold Vermaak
• Audio Des: Arnold Vermaak
• Voice Art: Connie Masilo

• Agency: Ogilvy Jhb
• Client: DStv
• Product: Brand
• Title: I'm a let you Finish Camp “Hyena/Small Step/Mshini Wam/Beef”
• CD: Fran Luckin/Jonathan Beggs
• CW: Gavin Stradi/Molefi Thulo
• Prod Co: Sterling Sound
• Audio Eng: Lorens Persson
• Audio Des: Lorens Persson
• Voice Art: Graham Hopkins/Shane Wellington/Grant Shakaone/Luke Michel/Jeremy Crutchley/Proverb/Tumisho Masha

• Agency: Lowe Bull Jhb
• Client: Medal Paints
• Product: Brand
• Title: Red/Blue/Black
• CD: Rui Alves
• CW: Eoin Welsh
• Prod Co: Fre'quency
• Audio Eng: N/A
• Audio Des: N/A
• Voice Art: Tom Fairfoot/Bruce Miller/Anton Decker/Jannes Eistlen

• Agency: Bester Burke
• Client: Ramsay Media
• Product: Car Magazine
• Title: Ashton
• CD: Stephen Burke
• CW: Stephen Burke/Jed Dawson
• Prod Co: Spaced out Sound
• Audio Eng: Tully McCully
• Audio Des: Tully McCully
• Voice Art: Tully McCully

• Agency: Joe Public
• Client: Pendoring Awards
• Product: Pendoring Awards
• Title: Calenda
• CD: Maciek Michalski
• AD: Simone Rossum
• CW: Antoinette Fourie

• Agency: Joe Public
• Client: Spier
• Product: Wines
• Title: Festive Corks
• CD:: Maciek Michalski
• AD: Simone Rossum/Maciek Michalski
• CW: Clint Bechus

• Agency: Joe Public
• Client: Aids Foundation
• Product: Rock 4 Aids
• Title: Antiretroviro
• CD: Maciek Michalski
• AD: Simone Rossum/Maciek Michalski/Louise Hutchin/Tara Morgan
• CW: Clint Bechus/Antoinette Fourie

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