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How Covid-19 has heralded a new era of digital buildings

With the adoption of fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies in all aspects of our lives, it is no surprise that buildings are getting a lot 'smarter' too...

By Peter Malebye 14 Apr 2021

Demand surges for 4IR tech as 4,600 register for AI Expo Africa

AI Expo Africa is set to have its biggest edition this year as 4,600 delegates and several international and local sponsors have already registered to attend...

13 Apr 2021

How Africa can participate in the global conversation on AI ethics

Without sufficient skin in the game, Africa may end up being technologically colonised by big tech. Here's why Africa needs to get in on the conversation...

By Musa Kalenga & Samuel Segun 31 Mar 2021

Several steps to powerful efficiency wins with hyper-automation

Those who can take this next step into technology-driven efficiency will be best placed to succeed in what is clearly a highly competitive global business environment...

By Collin Govender 30 Mar 2021

Edu-Supply is leveraging the e-commerce sector with new income opportunities

The e-commerce sector has seen a lot of growth this past year due to high demands from customers to shop from anywhere in the world, making their lives more convenient...

By Refilwe Rakgomo, Issued by TR Brand Communications & Events 30 Mar 2021

AI in Africa: The top 5 in-demand technologies at the moment

The top five technology categories in-demand in the next two years in Africa include...

By Nick Bradshaw 25 Mar 2021

The unfortunate cybersecurity risks quantum computers pose to SA businesses

Technologies such as quantum computers can create an opportunity for cybercriminals to execute even more catastrophic cyberattacks...

By Riaan de Villiers 25 Mar 2021

AI and edge computing is a match made in IT heaven

As both technologies continue to mature, they are increasingly being included together in an IT leader's decision-making. The two technologies go hand in hand...

By Ronald Ravel 24 Mar 2021

'Future-ready' organisations are leveraging digital to operate faster, smarter

The pandemic-driven acceleration of digital adoption and the resulting new agile ways of operating could unlock $5.4trn in profitable growth if applied broadly...

19 Mar 2021

Digital adoption in Africa supersedes other regions - report

Although Africa currently trails other regions in terms of digital adoption, infrastructure buildout is happening faster on the continent than any other region...

18 Mar 2021

Huge rise in AI as customer and employee expectations shift - report

Many business leaders are turning to AI in response to customer expectations that are growing amid the transition to all-digital experiences...

11 Mar 2021

AI predicted to futureproof the influencer industry

We're now living in a world dominated by technology and digitisation. Whatever the business or industry may be, technology is sure to be at the heart of it...

By Amelia Neate 26 Feb 2021

Decades of disruption - technologies set to change our future

It's safe to say that the past 10 years of technology have been stratospheric in the disruption they've brought and the changes they've wrought...

By Howard Plaatjes 19 Feb 2021

Driving transformation in the food and beverage industry

The unforeseen disruption experienced in 2020 has prompted food and beverage producers to future proof their businesses as far as is possible. While uncertainty seems set to continue for some time...

By Phil Lewis 19 Feb 2021

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