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Kaspersky, AVL Software develop new autonomous driving controller

Kaspersky has announced the first successful integration of its new automotive KasperskyOS into an electronic control unit of an Advanced Driver-Assistance System...

24 Jun 2020

#LockdownLessons: What can we learn from a woman in the oil and lubricant industry?

Mercia Jansen, area manager for Southern and Eastern Africa at Motul, talks challenges, achievements and of course, coping with the Covid-19 pandemic...

23 Jun 2020

#StartupStory: Youth get innovative with Afri Ride

The youth, by their very nature, have always been the first to embrace the latest trends when it comes to technology...

By Evan-Lee Courie 23 Jun 2020

Toyota's Thums software to be available in January 2021 for free

Total Human Model for Safety (Thums) is a virtual human body model software programme for computer analysis of human body injuries caused in vehicle collisions. It is expected is to enhance vehicle safety...

18 Jun 2020

Audi communicates in new digital formats

Audi's newest chapter in communications is allowing journalists from around the globe to connect with new products, explore technologies and gain insights in virtual environments...

15 Jun 2020

The future of mechanics in an electric car world

Will there still be a future for mechanics as the electric car movement gains ground?

12 Jun 2020

Mpact expands face shield range - adults, kids, hardhat shields and respiratory masks

The safety of our communities is a top priority for us at Mpact. We have further expanded our face shield range and will be launching a respiratory mask during the course of June; ready for the re-opening of the many industries under Level 3 lockdown...

Issued by Mpact Plastics 29 May 2020

VW's WeConnect Go App now available in SA

Volkswagen has taken the first step on the journey towards the connected car by launching the WeConnect Go app in South Africa...

26 May 2020

The fuel station of the future

No one could have imagined that the simple filling stations of the 1970s would one day morph into the enormous service stations dotting our highways today...

26 May 2020

Smart helmet capable of mass temperature screening comes to SA

A smart helmet that can scan the temperatures of up to 200 people every minute is now available in South Africa...

21 May 2020

SA's automotive industry opens up for business

Effective immediately, the South African motor industry is able to start selling vehicles once again...

13 May 2020

Audi launches online technology showcase

Car enthusiasts will be pleased to know that an online Audi platform now offers an effective and educative way of making use of your free time, with a showcase of the Audi motoring technology...

12 May 2020

Online car auction platform launched

The motor dealer retail market in South Africa has all but stalled during the national lockdown, putting thousands of jobs at risk...

4 May 2020

CDK Global launches "Get the most from your DMS" guide

CDK has launched a downloadable best practice guide to support clients through the current Covid-19 pandemic...

3 May 2020

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