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Philip Morris welcomes CGCSA's new illicit trade hotline

The CGCSA recently launched a toll-free Illicit Crime Hotline the public can use to report information related to illicit and counterfeit manufacturing and trading of products in South Africa...

22 Sep 2020

The Covid-driven surge in online grocery shopping

E-commerce will permanently benefit from people wanting to, or being forced to, socially distance themselves. One of the sub-sectors in this space is online grocery shopping...

By Ross Jenvey 22 Sep 2020

Creativity on the march across the retail landscape

Creativity is on the march across the retail landscape as sector players get to grips with shifting consumer values and influences in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic...

21 Sep 2020

#DoBizZA: How UBU International can give local businesses a leg up

UBU International aims to help local businesses boost their sales by leveraging a combination of mobile discovery, marketing, rewards and mobile payments...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 21 Sep 2020

Food for thought: the global rise of dark kitchens and stores

Behind the door of a nondescript warehouse unit in Wynberg, north of Johannesburg, lies a microcosm of how we are going to buy food for the foreseeable future...

By Rael Levitt 18 Sep 2020

#DoBizZA: How local brands can leverage their 'made in SA' status to entice shoppers

Locally sourced products and services comfort consumers, meeting their new needs for hygiene and spreading feel-good stories that celebrate the best of our diverse culture...

By Karin Du Chenne 17 Sep 2020

By invitation only: Amazon's new 'Luxury Stores' experience

Amazon has unveiled a new premium shopping experience on its mobile app, called Luxury Stores, that will focus on both established and emerging luxury fashion and beauty brands...

16 Sep 2020

How conversational commerce is shaping the future of business

While 'conversational commerce' is not a new concept, the phenomenon is gaining momentum, driving innovation and customer experience in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape...

By James Bayhack 14 Sep 2020

#DoBizZA: Franchising for success in a challenging environment

Despite the devastating economic impacts of Covid-19, the franchising sector could remain a viable business investment for aspiring entrepreneurs...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 2 Sep 2020

How Dis-Chem customers changed their shopping behaviour during lockdown

Dis-Chem said online sales grew 344% from 1 March to 15 August. "Covid-19 has matured the e-commerce environment and consumer adaption by 3 to 5 years," the group said...

31 Aug 2020

Send Clicks vouchers directly to the phone of someone in need

New digital gift vouchers from Clicks make it easier to send money for essential hygiene items, healthcare services and over-the-counter medicines to those who need it most...

28 Aug 2020

Adapting to changing digital customer behaviour

The time is right now for organisations to leverage changes in customer behaviour and preferences, and begin reassessing their digital strategy to realign misguided customer journeys...

By Viresh Hargovan 27 Aug 2020

Retail sector shakeout brings challenges and opportunities

Like most industries, the retail sector has had to transform radically, not only to survive the current situation, but also to ensure that it remains viable and sustainable into the future...

By Tasmika Ramlakan 26 Aug 2020

Develop products and market them with women in mind

Although women are more likely to be unemployed and earn less than their male counterparts, research has found that women hold the buying power in most SA households...

By Kerry Thomas 25 Aug 2020

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