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South Africa, a medical tourism destination not fully realised

Of the 9.5 million foreign visitors to South Africa in 2008, an estimated 4.3% were medical tourists and in 2015, foreign spending on medical care in South Africa was valued at R961m...

12 hours ago

Southern African countries won't manage disasters unless they work together

Cyclone Idai, which recently devastated Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the southern African region...

By Chris Changwe 18 Apr 2019

Irish study: Why fewer female medical students choose surgery

Just 6.9% of female students say they never felt intimidated during their surgical training, compare to 15.8% of their male counterparts...

18 Apr 2019

Collaboration and teamwork could improve South Africa's health system

South Africa's public health system has many shortcomings. There aren't enough to serve the 84% of patients who rely on the public sector...

17 Apr 2019

Cyclone Idai is over - but its health effects will be felt for a long time

People in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe have started trying to rebuild their lives after the devastation wrought by Cyclone Idai...

By Kerrigan McCarthy & Lucille Blumberg 15 Apr 2019

Austerity is hurting rural health, says report

Rural communities in South Africa, which make up 40% of the population, face immense difficulties in accessing adequate healthcare...

By Kimberly Mutandiro & Kristine Liao 12 Apr 2019

World Bank unveils plan to strengthen human capital in Africa

The World Bank has launched its Africa Human Capital Plan, a new plan to help African countries strengthen their human capital by enabling the continent's young people to grow up with optimal health and equipped with the right skills to compete in the digitising global economy...

12 Apr 2019

Nigerian trial shows how universal home visits can help reduce maternal risks

Nigerian women are at high risk of death related to pregnancy and child birth. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but the WHO estimates there are more than 800 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in Nigeria...

By Anne Cockcroft & Neil Andersson 11 Apr 2019

Can vaccines help fight the rise of drug-resistant microbes?

Some of the most important medications doctors have at their disposal have been rendered ineffective by parasites, viruses, and bacteria that have evolved resistance against them, and the problem is poised to get worse....

By Chris Sweeney 10 Apr 2019

Why fixing primary healthcare is crucial to making South Africa healthier

By some measures - healthy life expectancy, obesity and depression, among others - South Africa is the unhealthiest country on earth. That's a sobering fact to consider. How has the country got here?

By Bob Mash 10 Apr 2019

Festival of Learning: highlighting 'Education for Social Change'

Education, whether formal or informal learning, is the key driver of the social change we would all like to see in South Africa...

Issued by SACAP 8 Apr 2019

Did the Health Professions Council trade cash for qualifications?

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is awaiting the president's go-ahead to investigate allegations that Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPSCA) employees may have taken bribes...

By Roxy de Villiers 5 Apr 2019

Introducing the e-patient

Almost half the South African population has access to the internet, including 8-million Twitter users and 16-million Facebook users...

4 Apr 2019

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