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New research shows South Africa's levy on sugar-sweetened drinks is having an impact

Three years ago South Africa introduced Africa's first major tax on sugar-sweetened beverages based on grams of sugar. The tax now stands at about 11% of the price per litre...

By Karen Hofman 12 Apr 2021

RIP Dr Sindi van Zyl

Tributes are pouring in for Dr Sindi van Zyl. The much-loved healthcare activist, DJ and social media personality lost her battle to Covid-19 on 10 April...

12 Apr 2021

Pandemic highlights health inequalities

Inequalities in South Africa's healthcare system have been brought into sharper focus by the Covid-19 pandemic...

8 Apr 2021

How Covid-19 has changed our thinking

How could we foresee the potential devastation that a global pandemic would create? Covid has been a bitter learning curve and forced us to think deeply about the future needs for healthcare services...

Issued by Strategic Business Services 19 Mar 2021

Uber offers 1 million rides to teachers across the world

Together, Uber and Unesco aim to remove transportation as a barrier to accessing vaccinations for teachers around the world as and when governments allow local teachers to get vaccinated...

By Jenna Delport 18 Mar 2021

New compliance standard for hand sanitisers - SABS

The SABS has issued a new standard for hand sanitisers, which manufacturers of these products and employers distributing them in the workplace should comply with...

By Kate Collier, Shane Johnson, and Matthew Ilsley 16 Mar 2021

Cohsasa elects new leaders

The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (Cohsasa) has elected Dr Bradley Beira and Nhlanhla Nene as its new chairperson and vice-chairperson, respectively...

Issued by COHSASA 10 Mar 2021

South Africa needs to change direction on maternal health to solve child malnutrition

When we think about nurturing healthy children, we need to adopt a life course approach to maternal nutrition. In other words, a women's health for the benefit of herself and her child must be prioritised early in life...

By Chantell Witten & Shane Norris 9 Mar 2021

Understanding different forms of CBD for health and wellness

In search of natural pain and stress relief options, many turn to CBD (cannabidiol) in its oil form to create positive change. The good news is that there are various other forms of CBD available, from topicals and drops to edible pastilles and capsules...

Issued by Adco CBD 4 Mar 2021

Why 'eat less, move more' is not obesity's silver bullet

Advising people who are obese to just consume fewer calories while burning more energy is not just doomed to fail but damaging to vulnerable people...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 4 Mar 2021

Private hospitals added to Covid-19 vaccine roll out sites

The vaccine rollout sites has been expanded to include 13 private hospitals as the Sisonke Programme gains momentum.

4 Mar 2021

Apffelstaedt, Hoosain and Associates renamed to welcome new associate

The established Apffelstaedt and Associates practice was renamed Apffelstaedt, Hoosain and Associates from 1 March 2021...

Issued by MANGO-OMC 2 Mar 2021

Small things can save lives: coping with Covid-19 in resource-scarce hospitals

Everywhere, patients have died from Covid-19 when patient numbers exceeded the capacity of the health system. The number of doctors, nurses and oxygen points just wasn't enough...

By Gilles van Cutsem 2 Mar 2021

New forensic pathology facility due to open mid-2021

The R287m Observatory Forensic Pathology Institute (OFPI) is expected to come online in mid-2021, if everything goes according to plan...

23 Feb 2021

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