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The Sponsors of Brave campaign - 1st nominee of the week Dr Liana Roodt
Doctor Liana Roodt found her calling in changing the lives of breast cancer patients. After witnessing the saddening, stretched out and complicated hoops cancer patients in the public health sector had to jump through for treatment, Dr Roodt felt that something needed to be done to help these patients. This is when she founded the NGO Project Flamingo as a means to alleviate the waiting time and trauma of seeking cancer treatment in the public health sector. She aims to not only reduce the surgical waiting time for patients but also offer them psychological support during the treatment process....
10 Mar 2020 12:42
Clinic-in-a-Box wins MyWorld of Tomorrow innovation award
Resolve Capacity has won the Corporate Innovation Award at the 2015 MyWorld of Tomorrow SA Innovation Awards for its Clinic-in-a-Box, a turnkey infrastructural concept for the rapid deployment and commissioning of a clinic. These prefabricated structures can be erected within less than a day, and contain all the components required to deliver a total solution, packed and ready for delivery in 20 to 40 ft containers.
27 Oct 2015 11:24
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