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Exploring the important lessons about global cooperation in public health

The Covid-19 pandemic was a stark reminder of the role that global public health has for all aspects of our lives and livelihood...

By Wafaie Fawzi, Tang Kun & Alex Taylor 22 Jul 2021

Building a sickle cell disease registry in Africa

Almost 75% of the approximately 400,986 babies born with sickle cell disease (SCD) globally per year are found in Africa...

16 Jul 2021

Equity and access need to be at the forefront of innovation in human genome editing

In July 2021, the World Health Organisation's Expert Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing released two reports...

By Jantina de Vries & Françoise Baylis 14 Jul 2021

Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

Ivermectin has been touted as the wonder drug solution to the Covid-19 crisis. But the largest trial yet comparing ivermectin to placebo has found no statistically significant benefit from ivermectin but possible harm from the drug...

By Nathan Geffen & Elsabé Brits 7 Jul 2021

Sani-Med offers an alcohol-free non toxic hand sanitiser/disinfectant and fogger

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck South Africa, we have set about sanitising our hands at regular intervals, and spraying down potentially contagious items and surfaces. But all anti-viral disinfectants are not made equal...

Issued by Sani-Med 6 Jul 2021

Limits for human embryo research have been changed: this calls for public debate

For 40 years, research into early human development has been guided by the principle that after 14 days, an embryo should not be used for research and must be destroyed...

By Sheetal Soni 1 Jul 2021

Covid-19 vaccine plant in Africa? This is what it would take to build one

The Covid-19 crisis has revived discussions on localising vaccine manufacturing to the African region to reduce the dependence on imports...

23 Jun 2021

How virus detectives trace the origins of an outbreak - and why it's so tricky

Every time there is a major disease outbreak, one of the first questions scientists and the public ask is: "Where did this come from?"

By Marilyn J Roossinck 15 Jun 2021

We're a step closer to figuring out why mosquitoes bite some people and not others

Mosquitoes contribute to the transmission of life-threatening diseases that include Zika, dengue, chikungunya, Rift Valley fever and malaria...

By Madelien Wooding & Yvette Naude 19 May 2021

New DNA research could help combat cancers that are resistant to current standard treatments

An analysis of more than 700 different cancer cell types has found thousands of Achilles' heels or cancer vulnerabilities that could lead to new ways to stop cancer cells in their tracks...

19 May 2021

Fungal infections might be dangerous to Covid-19 patients with severe symptoms in ICU

Covid-19 patients who end up on ventilators in intensive care units are at risk of contracting an invasive fungal infection that might influence their outcomes...

14 May 2021

Outreach Engineering, Wits Healthcare Innovation merge to scale impact

Following a successful track record, Outreach Engineering and Wits Healthcare Innovation are merging to scale up their work...

7 May 2021

New cerebral palsy research may have profound impact on medicolegal cases

Commonly held views on cerebral palsy are being challenged by a new paper recently published in the South African Medical Journal, which suggests that the causes of this condition may be far more complex and multi-faceted...

5 May 2021

Breaking news: 85% of healthcare professionals now want to liaise with representatives online!

In a world forever changed by the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies (pharma) have had to start communicating with healthcare professional (HCP) clients online. The latest statistics from global healthcare e-platform Veeva...

Issued by Cingulate 4 May 2021

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