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Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more


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    The backlit fabric lightbox revolutionises displays

    Backlit fabric graphics are taking the exhibition and retail display industries by storm: using the latest technology, they combine printed fabric graphics illuminated from behind with high-intensity LED strips. The result is eye-catchingly vibrant imagery that can be used in a variety of set ups.
    The backlit fabric lightbox revolutionises displays
    The backlit fabric lightbox revolutionises displays

    Justin Hawes, managing director of local exhibition and display specialist, Scan Display, says that the use of backlit fabrics for exhibition stands and branding was a clear trend at the 2023 edition of EuroShop, the world’s leading trade fair for retail displays. He anticipates this trend will catch on locally, and specifically with solutions like the fabric lightbox which is ideally suited to the local market.

    Justin explains, “The fabric lightbox incorporates a traditional lightbox with a traditional pop-up stand. The result is a re-usable, portable display structure that can be set-up quickly and easily – but with a look-and-feel as polished and professional as a great custom-built exhibition stand or display.”

    Scan Display exhibited with a 360° fabric lightbox stand at Meetings Africa 2024 at the Sandton Convention Centre from 27 to 28 February 2024. “It was a fantastic show for us,” says Justin, “In part because our stand was so striking and effective at drawing visitors to us.”

    The backlit fabric lightbox revolutionises displays
    The backlit fabric lightbox revolutionises displays

    Multiple benefits in one product

    The fabric lightbox is an elegant solution for those seeking the following attributes in their exhibition stands, marketing activations, branding, and temporary displays:

    Attractive: Advances in technology have given this product a very professional look. Seamless fabric graphics of up to 3m high and 50m long can be printed. Backlighting the full display or large surfaces mean traditional clip-on lights aren’t needed, allowing clean lines and a neater look, and eliminating the risk of shadows or uneven lighting.

    Easy set up: The structure is made up of collapsible frames which can be set up or taken down quickly and easily without tools. For example, the Scan Display stand at Meetings Africa was set up by three people within two hours, as opposed to the one or two days allocated for more complex builds. ‘Curtains’ of energy efficient LED light strips are attached to the frames, after which the fabric graphics slip into grooves stretching them neatly across the frames and lighting.

    Flexible: As the fabric lightbox uses a modular system, it can be custom designed to a client’s specific needs by combining the various sized walls (curved or straight) with bulkheads, counters, and add-ons such as shelves and screens. The result is bespoke, and if well planned also presents flexibility in allowing different configurations for different activations.

    Sustainable: Increasingly, businesses are under pressure to address the climate crisis through more responsible practices. The fabric lightbox offers a sustainable solution because it is re-usable, and re-use is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

    “All of the fabric lightbox elements can be re-used, while new graphics can be printed to update the branding and messaging over time, and the sturdy frames and lighting can be fixed or replaced if ever needed. Meanwhile, flexible configurations improve the re-usability of the display at different events and in different spaces, and its ease of use also increases the likelihood it will be used for many years to come,” adds Justin.

    Portable: the collapsed stand fits into carry bags, ensuring the fabric lightbox can be transported easily both locally and overseas.

    Value for money: The price of an exhibition stand or display that uses a fabric lightbox is comparable to a similar custom-designed option, with the significant cost benefit of being re-usable – presenting an attractive cost-saving in the long run.

    For more information about the fabric lightbox solution, visit www.scandisplay.co.za or contact Justin on +27 11 447 47777 or az.oc.yalpsidnacs@nitsuj.

    Scan Display
    Scan Display is a leader in the African exhibition, events and display industries, specialising in award-winning exhibition stands, exhibition and event infrastructure, mall activations and display products.
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