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Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

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    Schneider Electric launches new industry certifications for data center and critical infrastructure

    Schneider Electric has announced that it has launched new industry certifications for Data Center & Critical Infrastructure within its EcoXpert Partner Programme.

    Designed to help support Schneider Electric’s channel partners to gain the industry knowledge and skillsets needed to digitise for a more sustainable future, the new certifications within the EcoXpert programme focuses on empowering partners to be a trusted advisors on Data Center and Critical Infrastructure solutions.

    The new Schneider Electric Data Center & Critical Infrastructure Certification within the EcoXpert Partner Programme is targeted at partners involved in Data Center Design and Build, Cooling and Power Specialists, Systems Integration and Process Automation, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, and Service Providers.

    The programme is designed to educate, support, and create opportunities for collaboration. The new benefits, as part of this critical infrastructure education focus, have been created to meet growing demand for more specialised training and includes:

      • Online Training: A new training path focused on DESIGN and BUILD critical infrastructure solutions such as Power, Cooling, Software deployment and turnkey data center solutions.
      • Badge & Certificate: Providing industry recognised certificates as proof of competence for potential customers and allows partners to better stand out and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.
      • Access to Comprehensive Partner Ecosystem: For help and collaboration on implementing new technology in ways that are too complicated or unmanageable to do alone.
      • Access to Other Lead Certifications: Access to other Schneider Electric competency certifications and segment specializations enhancing the opportunity to develop expertise on driving digital, efficient, and sustainable solutions for customers.
      • Partner Portal: A personalized online experience that provides 24/7 access to all content, tools, benefits, and training.
      • Technical Pre-Sales Support: Tailored Care Programme deployed at countries to guarantee technical Pre-Sales support (Level 2 and 3) to ensure the right level of support to the Data Center & Critical Infrastructure Master and Certified Partners.
      • Services Resell and Perform: EcoXpert Data Center & Critical Infrastructure Certified Partners are eligible to Buy & Resell Services with differentiation with approved registered opportunity (ORP Programme).

    Commenting on the evolving partner programme, Paul Tyrer, Vice President Global IT Channels at Schneider Electric, said, “As part of our ongoing education efforts in the EcoXpert program, we are excited to announce the launch of new certifications tailored for data center and critical infrastructure solutions. These certifications reflect our commitment to our partner community while underscoring our responsibility towards building a greener and more secure future. By empowering our partners through expanding our current programme, by including these lead certifications focused on Data Center & Critical Infrastructure, we are ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the principles of operational excellence and good stewardship within the data center industry. Together with our partners, we are not simply transforming data centers, we are helping the wider community set a benchmark of excellence in service and knowledge delivery for their own customers.”

    The timeliness of training for data center experts is critical in the rapidly evolving field of data center technologies. Regular training and upskilling ensures that channel partners stay abreast of the latest advancements, enabling them to leverage new tools to the benefit of their own customers.

    Speaking about the importance of investing in the training of experts in Data Center & Critical Infrastructure due to channel partner market demand, Ben Selier, vice president Secure Power, Anglophone Africa said, “Trained experts are better equipped to plan for and manage the scalability of data center infrastructure. They can design systems that can grow with an organisation's needs, which ensures that personnel understand best practices for designing, operating, implementing sustainable practices and maintaining data centers and critical infrastructure, leading to increased reliability and availability of services for their customers. This expanded Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program, is coming at an optimal time with the expansion of data centers across all regions globally.”

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