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AI-driven Crystal opens the job market to 34 million South Africans
New rectech tools are changing the job-seeking landscape and offering improved opportunities for finding work faster, whether that's your long-term dream job or a lifeline for now. Job seekers need to understand what they need to do to be 'discoverable' by new, AI-driven platforms. 22 Mar 2022 Read more

How do I avoid being Tinder Swindled by my new hire?
The Tinder Swindler, Netflix's documentary about a conman who uses dating apps to target his victims, has taken the world by storm. The reminder that people are not always what they seem is proof that we need to be super careful - especially in areas where finances are involved. So how do you avoid being taken for a ride by your new hire? Simple: background checks. 9 Mar 2022 Read more

How SMEs can win the battle for talent
When it comes to talent, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are fishing in exactly the same pool as large companies who are offering well-established employee brands, multiple career path opportunities and bigger remuneration packages. How do SMEs compete? 8 Mar 2022 Read more

AI tool aims to solve recurring recruitment issues and save time for SA's SME sector
Job Crystal, a recruitment website, has announced the launch of an AI-powered tool, CRYSTAL, which uses Machine Learning (ML) to scan 43 candidate pool databases, and screens 34 million employable South Africans for clients. 12 Feb 2022 Read more

Cape Town start-up launches AI-powered recruitment platform
Job Crystal, a Cape Town-based technology start-up, has developed software that uses advanced artificial intelligence to match recruiters with job seekers with much greater accuracy. 31 Jan 2022 Read more

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