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Newspapers ABC Q3 2019: Local gains on prior quarter, as newspaper woes continue

The Audit Bureau of Circulations of South Africa's (ABC) Quarter 3 results for total newspapers is on-trend, with this quarter showing a decline of 1.9% on the previous quarter. This keeps the declines for all quarters this year under the 2% mark.

Its decline on the prior year in Q3 of 6 % is also in keeping with declines over the prior year in Q1 and Q2 of 5% and 6.9%. The only category to show an increase on the prior quarter is Local Newspapers.

Daily Newspapers

Daily Newspapers declined by 6.0% on the previous quarter, an increase on Q2’s decline which was only 2.8%. The decline on the prior year is bigger than it has been all year, by 11.7% on the prior year, up on Q1’s 10% and Q2’s 9.2%.

Weekly Newspapers

While this was the only category to increase on the previous quarter in Q2, in this quarter the category declined by 1.3% on the previous quarter. The decline of 7.9% on the prior year matched its Q1 decline and is more than Q2’s 2.9% decline. It should be noted that the increase in Q2 on the previous quarter was the result of a new member.

Die Burger (Friday) is the only publication in the category with an increase over the prior quarter.

Weekend Newspapers

The category’s increasing decline continued this quarter with a decline of 6.6% on the previous quarter. In Q2 the category declined by 4.2% and Q1 1.6%. The decline on the prior year also climbed to 14.0% on the prior year. In Q1 and Q2 the decline was 10.4%.

Only two publications in the category, Daily Dispatch Weekend Edition (formerly Saturday Dispatch) and Taifa Jumapili increased on the prior quarter. Beeld, Saturday is the only publication to increase on the prior year.

Weekend Argus (Saturday), Son op Sondag (formerly Sondag Son), City Press, Weekend Argus (Sunday) and Sunday Mail saw the biggest prior quarter losses in the category.

Local Newspapers

The category returned to an increase in circulation as it had experienced in Q1, with a 0.2% increase on the previous quarter. Its decline on the prior year was almost half than the previous quarters, with a 4.6% on the prior year (Q1: 8.1% and Q2: 8.6%).

Free Newspapers

The category showed a slight decline of under 1% (0.9%). This is in line with the trend set at the beginning of the year with a 1.4% decline and 1% decline in Q2 on the prior quarter. Free Newspapers also pulled back the decline on the prior year to 3.9%, from Q2’s 6.2% and more in line with Q1’s 3% decline.

Kroonnuus and North Western Bonus along with a number of others in the category all showed marginal increases over the prior quarter and/or prior year.

Daily Newspapers

Publication nameFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Daily SunMo-Fr105,131-6.3%-13.8%
Daily NationMD, Mo-Sat101,467-1.2%-6.8%
Star, TheMD, Mo-Fr66,280-7.5%-13.2%
IsolezweMD, Mo-Fr65,728-4.2%-15.9%
Son (Daily)MD, Mo-Fr45,340-7.6%-19.3%
Citizen, The (Daily)MD, Mo-Fr38,270-2.7%-8.7%
BukeddeMD, Mo-Sat37,4664.9%-16.3%
Burger, Die DailyWes Kaap35,703-2.7%-7.3%
Burger, Die DailyMD, Mo-Fr35,701-2.7%-15.7%
Beeld, DailyMD, Mo-Fr30,392-2.3%-3.1%
Namibian, TheMD, Mo-Fr28,942-8.3%-14.9%
Cape TimesMD, Mo-Fr27,086-5.1%-5.4%
Cape ArgusMD, Mo-Fr25,840-4.9%-5.2%
New VisionMD, Mo-Fr24,8951.3%-5.5%
Mercury, TheMD, Mo-Fr22,376-8.5%-10.6%
Daily NewsMD, Mo-Fr20,649-8.0%-10.7%
Times of SwazilandMD, Mo-Fr20,298-0.2%-7.2%
Business DayMD, Mo-Fr18,049-1.5%-2.7%
Daily MonitorMD, Mo-Fr16,301-0.9%-7.4%
Daily DispatchMD, Mo-Fr14,7682.9%-2.5%
Herald, TheMD, Mo-Fr13,903-4.5%-4.0%
Volksblad - DailyMo-Fr12,413-2.2%-3.0%
Pretoria NewsMD, Mo-Fr11,802-6.2%-9.4%
Taifa LeoMD, Mo-Sat11,3532.7%-6.9%
Witness, TheMD, Mo-Fr10,176-2.9%-7.8%
Diamond Fields AdvertiserMD, Mo-Fr6,886-3.3%-6.5%
Zambia Daily MailMD, Mo-Sat6,80410.8%0.7%

Weekly Newspapers

Publication NameFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Soccer LadumaWkly, Wed218,689New Member-12.6%
Ilanga2xW, Mo&Th53,612-2.3%-7.0%
Post, TheWkly, Wed36,724-2.5%No submission
Mail & GuardianWkly, Fr22,119-7.9%No submission
Voice, TheWkly, Fr13,937-4.0%-14.0%
Mmegi Reporter, The4xW, Tu-Fr10,407-8.8%
Botswana Gazette , TheWkly, Wed9,820-0.8%-2.7%
Burger, Die FridayWkly, Fr8,5950.9%
The Monitor (Formerly Mmegi Monitor)Wkly, Mon8,188-4.2%
Lesotho TimesWkly, Th7,453-0.7%-3.3%
African Times NewspaperWkly, WedNo issue

Weekend Newspapers

Publication NameFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Sunday TimesWknd220,857-8.1%-11.2%
Sunday NationWkly, Sun107,990-1.6%-10.4%
Isolezwe ngoMgqibeloWkly, Sat50,541-8.8%-23.5%
Burger, Die SaturdayWes Kaap49,259-2.7%-0.7%
Burger, Die SaturdayWkly, Sat49,257-2.7%-2.8%
Isolezwe ngeSontoWkly, Sun47,918-7.8%-24.9%
Sunday TribuneWkly, Sun45,961-4.9%-8.9%
Weekend ArgusWknd44,788-9.8%-12.2%
City PressWknd39,172-15.8%-18.1%
Sunday SunWknd38,831-5.7%-25.0%
Sunday WorldWknd37,165-8.4%-13.7%
Beeld, SaturdayWkly, Sat37,041-1.0%3.5%
Saturday Star, TheWkly, Sat34,782-9.6%-21.1%
Independent on SaturdayWkly, Sat32,582-7.6%-7.5%
Ilanga LangesontoWknd31,291-1.7%-11.0%
Weekend ArgusSaturday25,405-18.6%-22.7%
Son op Sondag (formerly Sondag Son)Wkly, Sun19,998-15.4%-38.4%
Weekend ArgusSunday16,423-10.8%-10.3%
Citizen, The (Saturday)Wkly, Sat16,378-6.0%-46.6%
Sunday VisionWkly, Sun14,596-1.6%-13.8%
Daily Dispatch Weekend Edition (formerly Saturday Dispatch)Wknd13,2827.5%-2.7%
Volksblad - SaturdayWkly, Sat12,988-2.7%-2.1%
Weekend PostWknd12,984-4.8%-15.9%
Sunday MonitorWknd9,763-1.8%-13.7%
Weekend WitnessWkly, Sat9,593-2.1%-8.8%
Taifa JumapiliWkly, Sun9,1941.2%-6.5%
Pretoria News SaturdayWkly, Sat6,588-5.1%-9.7%
The Southern CrossWkly, Sun6,368-4.7%-7.1%
Sunday MailWkly, Sun4,200-10.2%-3.5%

Local Newspapers

Publication NameFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
African ReporterWkly, Fr21,4951.1%-4.3%
Lowvelder, The / Laevelder, Die (Friday)Wkly, Fr15,582-4.3%33.3%
Rustenburg HeraldWkly, Th14,2790.6%1.5%
Witbank News, FriWkly, Fr14,103-3.3%-13.9%
Lowvelder, The / Laevelder, Die ( Tuesday)Wkly, Tue14,042-8.1%31.9%
George Herald (Thursday)Wkly, Th13,278-0.1%-9.3%
Middelburg Observer, FriWkly, Fr12,186-4.6%-10.2%
Klerksdorp RekordWkly, Fr11,394-3.0%-10.3%
Paarl PostWkly, Th11,058-1.9%3.5%
South Coast HeraldWkly, Fr10,9552.2%1.8%
Zululand Observer Weekend (Formerly Friday)Wkly, Fr9,86113.7%10.1%
The MailWkly, Th9,8541.2%-0.7%
Mpumalanga NewsWkly, Th9,314-3.3%45.3%
Weslander, TheWkly, Th8,8730.8%-4.0%
Worcester StandardWkly, Th8,139-3.7%-3.0%
Limpopo MirrorWkly, Fr6,419-2.5%-15.2%
District MailWkly, Th6,1390.4%4.8%
GemsbokWkly, Wed6,077-1.1%-10.2%
Mosselbay AdvertiserWkly, Fr5,977-3.1%-10.0%
Zululand Observer MondayWkly, Mon5,65322.8%11.0%
VaalweekbladWkly, Th5,6112.7%-5.7%
Hermanus TimesWkly, Th5,1511.4%0.7%
Potchefstroom HeraldWkly, Fr4,7530.8%-6.5%
Brits PosWkly, Th4,066-0.7%2.7%
RepresentativeWkly, Fr4,057-4.1%-16.0%
Newcastle and District AdvertiserWkly, Fr4,011-4.6%-7.0%
StellalanderWkly, Wed3,999-8.6%-3.8%
Die NoordwesterWkly, Fr3,5902.1%-0.5%
Capricorn VoiceWkly, Wed3,438-5.9%-16.1%
Amajuba Eyethu.Wkly, Fr3,429
South Cape Forum/Suid Kaap ForumWkly, Th3,149-4.2%-13.0%
Northern Review WeekendWkly, Fr2,708-2.3%-25.1%
Ladysmith GazetteWkly, Fr2,249-4.9%-5.0%
Bosvelder ReviewWkly, Fr2,2447.3%-4.6%
Knysna Plett HeraldWkly, Th2,128-7.9%-20.9%
Northern Natal CourierWkly, Fr2,004-3.2%-11.3%
Carletonville HeraldWkly, Fr1,9865.2%-12.5%
TembisanWkly, Th1,834-1.1%-17.9%
Talk of the TownWkly, Fr1,809-8.4%-9.3%
Vryheid HeraldWkly, Fr1,636-0.2%-13.8%
Daller, DieWkly, Fr1,6301.6%-7.3%
Mid South Coast MailWkly, Fr1,559-10.1%-20.1%
Graaff Reinet AdvertiserWkly, Th1,491-2.5%-13.7%
Oudtshoorn CourantWkly, Fr1,434-6.6%-9.2%
StreeknuusWkly, Fr1,316-1.3%-13.7%
Estcourt and Midlands NewsWkly, Fr1,205-0.1%-11.7%
The CourierWkly, Fr1,11515.4%22.0%
Streeknuus DelmasWkly, Fr8347.8%-2.9%
Middelburg Observer, TuesWkly, TueDiscontinued
EikestadnuusWkly, ThChanged Sector
Polokwane ObserverWkly, ThChanged Sector

Free Newspapers

Publication NamePeriodFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
PE ExpressJul -SepWkly, Wed119,9620%0%
Taxi TimesJul -SepF105,783-14.8%164.8%
Sedibeng SterJul -SepWkly, Th90,9860%-9.9%
PlainsmanJul -SepWkly, Wed89,7180%0%
People s Post Mitchells PlainJul -SepWkly, Tue83,3400%0%
VukaniJul -SepWkly, Wed81,1000%0%
Rekord East/OosJul -SepWkly, Tue78,7800%0%
Tame Times - WeeklyJul -SepWkly, Tue76,900-10.3%11.1%
TabletalkJul -SepWkly, Wed70,3230%0%
Phoenix Sun - inc. Cornubia, Tongaat & VerulamJul -SepWkly, Wed64,8600%36.8%
Rekord CenturionJul -SepWkly, Wed60,1000%0%
Mthatha ExpressJul -SepWkly, Wed59,9850%0%
The Rising Sun.Jul -SepWkly, Wed59,9600%0%
Randburg SunJul -SepWkly, Th59,643-0.1%-0.6%
Maritzburg EchoJul -SepWkly, Th59,4440%0.2%
Phoenix TabloidJul -SepWkly, Tue55,9800%0%
Athlone NewsJul -SepWkly, Wed55,9370%0%
Kempton ExpressJul -SepWkly, Th54,383-1.0%-1.1%
Kathorus MailJul -SepF54,364-0.2%-0.2%
Highway MailJul -SepWkly, Fr54,275-0.6%-0.6%
Chatsworth TabloidJul -SepWkly, Wed52,4800%0.7%
Chatsworth Rising SunJul -SepWkly, Tue50,7580%-0.8%
Roodepoort RecordJul -SepWkly, Th50,7390%0.2%
City Vision (Khayalitsha)Jul -SepWkly, Th50,4530%0%
Southern MailJul -SepWkly, Wed50,3600%0%
The Springfield Weekly GazetteJul -SepWkly, Th49,9800%0%
Bloemfontein Courant (formerly Krant)Jul -SepWkly, Wed49,8890%5.2%
City Vision (Langa/Gugulethu)Jul -SepWkly, Th49,6340%0%
Sandton ChronicleJul -SepWkly, Wed49,631-0.2%-0.2%
Southern Suburbs TatlerJul -SepWkly, Wed48,6600%0%
Bedfordview & Edenvale NewsJul -SepWkly, Wed45,323-0.8%-1.6%
BloemnuusJul -SepWkly, Th44,8680.1%-0.1%
Overport Rising SunJul -SepWkly, Th44,8500%-0.1%
Boksburg AdvertiserJul -SepWkly, Tue43,4320%0.7%
Northern News - Kraaifontein, Brackenfel, Kuils RiverJul -SepWkly, Wed43,3500%-18.7%
Eastern Cape Rising SunJul -SepWkly, Tue42,4480%0%
Go & ExpressJul -SepWkly, Th42,2770.4%0.3%
Ster, SouthJul -SepWkly, Tue41,4710%
Ethekwini TimesJul -SepWkly, Fr40,9800%0%
Umlazi TimesJul -SepWkly, Th40,9800%0%
Bonus ReviewJul -SepWkly, Wed39,8640%0.1%
Rekord North/NoordJul -SepWkly, Th39,8500%0%
North Coast CourierJul -SepWkly, Wed39,744-0.1%0%
Southern CourierJul -SepWkly, Tue39,4270%0%
Northern News Bellville/Durbanville formerlyTygertalk Bellville/DurbanvilleJul -SepWkly, Wed38,8400%0%
Benoni City TimesJul -SepWkly, Tue38,7750.1%0.7%
ExpressJul -SepWkly, Wed38,7530%0.1%
Alberton RecordJul -SepWkly, Wed38,033-0.6%-0.3%
UGU EyethuJul -SepWkly, Wed36,8500%0%
Fourways ReviewJul -SepWkly, Wed36,836-0.1%-0.1%
Tongaat & Verulam Tabloid (former Northern Star)Jul -SepWkly, Tue34,9800%9.4%
VistaJul -SepWkly, Th34,9590%0%
Ridge TimesJul -SepWkly, Fr34,9500%0%
South Coast FeverJul -SepWkly, Th34,9500.4%0%
Maritzburg Fever (formerly Mirror, The)Jul -SepWkly, Wed34,9380%0.1%
Msunduzi Eyethu (former Edendale)Jul -SepWkly, Th34,8790%0%
Rekord MootJul -SepWkly, Th33,5300%0%
Tygerburger ElsiesrivierJul -SepWkly, Wed33,0850%0%
Rising Sun LenasiaJul -SepWkly, Wed32,9250%0%
Ster, NorthJul -SepWkly, Tue32,7860%
Dobsonville Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr32,6660%0%
Southern StarJul -SepWkly, Fr31,9800%0%
Constantiaberg BulletinJul -SepWkly, Wed31,9000%0%
People s Post Claremont/RondeboschJul -SepWkly, Tue31,8340%0%
Helderberg Gazette.Jul -SepWkly, Tue31,4500%0%
Tygerburger Table ViewJul -SepWkly, Wed31,4450%0%
False Bay EchoJul -SepWkly, Wed31,4400%0%
Atlantic SunJul -SepWkly, Wed31,3500%0%
BolanderJul -SepWkly, Wed31,0000%0%
People s Post False BayJul -SepWkly, Tue30,9720%0%
Northcliff & Melville TimesJul -SepWkly, Tue30,429-0.3%-0.2%
People s Post AthloneJul -SepWkly, Tue30,2520%0%
Germiston City NewsJul -SepWkly, Tue30,2110.1%1.0%
Krugersdorp NewsJul -SepWkly, Wed30,1850%2.7%
Diepkloof Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr30,166-7.1%0%
Eldorado Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr30,1660%0%
Orlando Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr30,1660%0%
Zola Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr30,1660%0%
Eyethu Bay Watch (Formerly Baywatch)Jul -SepWkly, Wed30,0690%0%
People s Post Constantia/WynbergJul -SepWkly, Tue30,0690%0%
Dolphin Coast MailJul -SepWkly, Wed29,9480%0%
East Coast MailJul -SepWkly, Wed29,9430%0%
UD ExpressJul -SepWkly, Wed29,9320%0%
Coastal WeeklyJul -SepWkly, Th29,9301.2%0%
Intshonalanga EyethuJul -SepWkly, Fr29,910-0.1%0.8%
Issue MangaungJul -SepWkly, Wed29,9000%0%
Stanger WeeklyJul -SepWkly, Wed29,9000%0%
Public EyeJul -SepWkly, Th29,8590%0%
Rekord MamelodiJul -SepWkly, Fr29,8000%0%
Umlazi EyethuJul -SepWkly, Fr29,800-0.5%0.5%
Northern News Goodwood / Parow formerly Tygertalk GoodwoodJul -SepWkly, Wed29,7300%0%
Soweto ExpressJul -SepMtly29,5000%0%
People s Post City EditionJul -SepWkly, Tue29,2460%0%
Roodepoort Northsider (FormerlyNorthside ChronicleJul -SepWkly, Th28,941-0.4%0.2%
Rekord NowetoJul -SepWkly, Fr28,8200%0%
Tygerburger Ravensmead/BelharJul -SepWkly, Wed28,6960%0%
Midrand ReporterJul -SepWkly, Th28,254-0.2%0.1%
Tygerburger Eersterivier/Blue DownsJul -SepWkly, Wed27,9680%0%
Jabavu Urban News.Jul -SepWkly, Fr27,6660%0%
Meadowlands Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr27,6660%0%
Maritzburg SunJul -SepWkly, Wed27,611-7.6%-7.6%
Northglen NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr27,568-0.1%-0.2%
Berea MailJul -SepWkly, Fr27,124-0.2%-0.2%
Springs AdvertiserJul -SepWkly, Wed26,0390%1.2%
Rosebank Killarney GazetteJul -SepWkly, Tue25,925-1.3%-2.7%
Chiawelo Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr25,1660%0%
Pimville Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr25,1660%0%
Protea Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr25,1660%0%
Xpress TimesJul -SepWkly, Wed24,9420%0%
Kalahari Buletin (Formerly Kuruman Bulletin)Jul -SepWkly, Th24,890-0.1%-0.1%
North Western BonusJul -SepF24,7923.5%3.1%
North Eastern TribuneJul -SepWkly, Tue24,2520%-0.3%
People s Post RetreatJul -SepWkly, Tue23,4230%0%
Eikestadnuus.Jul -SepWkly, Th22,9500%
Merebank Rising SunJul -SepWkly, Tue22,3500%-0.2%
Issue, Eastern Free StateJul -SepWkly, Th21,9000%0%
NoordkaapJul -SepWkly, Wed21,888-0.2%0.8%
NewsHorn MpumalangaJul -SepF21,8500%11.0%
People s Post Grassy ParkJul -SepWkly, Tue21,8380%0%
People s Post LandsdowneJul -SepWkly, Tue21,1300%0%
Comaro ChronicleJul -SepWkly, Wed20,741-0.1%0.8%
Tygerburger DurbanvilleJul -SepWkly, Wed20,7200%0%
Rekord West News/Wes NuusJul -SepWkly, Fr20,0400%0%
Mid South Coast Rising SunJul -SepWkly, Tue20,0250%-0.2%
Isolomzi ExpressJul -SepWkly, Wed19,9850%0%
Kouga ExpressJul -SepWkly, Th19,9810%0%
Queenstown ExpressJul -SepWkly, Th19,9550%0%
Hillcrest Fever (formerly Forest Express)Jul -SepWkly, Tue19,9470%0%
South Coast SunJul -SepWkly, Fr19,924-1.1%-1.1%
Umgungundlovu Eyethu (former Umngeni)Jul -SepF19,8590%0%
South Coast Herald BonusJul -SepWkly, Wed19,8500%-49.3%
Alex NewsJul -SepWkly, Th19,7370%-0.2%
Randfontein / Westonaria Herald.Jul -SepWkly, Tue19,582-0.3%-0.2%
Upper Highway Mail (Incorporating The Hilltop)Jul -SepMtly19,486-0.8%-0.8%
Tygerburger KuilsrivierJul -SepWkly, Wed19,2880%0%
Tygerburger BrackenfellJul -SepWkly, Wed19,2530%0%
Tygerburger BellvilleJul -SepWkly, Wed19,0420%0%
Swartland Gazette (formerly Swartland Monitor).Jul -SepWkly, Tue18,950-0.2%-0.2%
Brakpan HeraldJul -SepWkly, Tue18,944-0.1%1.1%
Tygerburger MilnertonJul -SepWkly, Wed18,6880%0%
Tygerburger KraaifonteinJul -SepWkly, Wed18,6370%0%
TygerBurger De GrendelJul -SepWkly, Wed18,5220%0%
Rekord Central/SentraalJul -SepWkly, Fr18,4800%0%
Midweek RekordJul -SepWkly, Th18,109-1.5%-1.8%
Highvelder, TheJul -SepWkly, Fr17,8440%-0.8%
Southlands SunJul -SepWkly, Fr17,822-0.6%-0.6%
SteelburgerJul -SepWkly, Fr17,7000%2.3%
TygerBurger Tyger ValleyJul -SepWkly, Wed17,3990%0%
Johannesburg Eastern ExpressJul -SepWkly, Tue17,305-0.7%0.6%
Midweek Herald (formerly Noordwes Gazette)Jul -SepWkly, Tue16,9950%0%
Herrie, DieJul -SepWkly, Th16,9550%0%
People s Post WoodstockJul -SepWkly, Tue16,3910%0%
West Side Urban NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr16,1660%0%
Cosmo City ChronicleJul -SepF15,9500%0%
Northern EyethuJul -SepMtly15,8620%0%
Full SusJan -JunAltM15,6830%-0.4%
CapetownerJul -SepWkly, Wed15,0000%0%
City Vision (Lwandle / Nomzamo) former Kasi Vision HelderbergJul -SepWkly, Th14,9500%0%
Midkaroo ExpressJul -SepWkly, Th14,9500%0.7%
Theewaterkloof Gazette (Formerly Kontreinuus Gaz.)Jul -SepWkly, Tue14,9501.6%0.7%
Weskus NuusJul -SepF14,9500%0%
Amanzimtoti Fever (formerly Uppercoast Fever)Jul -SepWkly, Wed14,8650%-1.8%
East Griqualand FeverJul -SepWkly, Th14,690-1.5%0%
Tygerburger ParowJul -SepWkly, Wed14,3220%0%
Tygerburger GoodwoodJul -SepWkly, Wed14,0540%0%
LentsweJul -SepWkly, Th13,922-3.4%-4.2%
Queensburgh NewsJul -SepF13,073-0.2%-0.2%
Northern Business ReviewJul -JunQ12,1660%-17.8%
Vrystaat Nuus/NewsJul -SepWkly, Wed11,952-1.9%0.1%
TribuneJul -SepWkly, Tue11,9460%0%
Village TalkJul -SepWkly, Wed11,8690%0%
Zululand Eyethu (formerly Eshowe Watch)Jul -SepMtly11,8540%0%
Breederivier Gazette.Jul -SepWkly, Wed11,550-2.0%0%
SA Jewish ReportJul -SepWkly, Fr11,468-0.8%0.2%
The Village NEWSJul -SepWkly, Tue10,539-1.1%5.7%
Uthukela EyethuJul -SepWkly, Th10,0000%-33.3%
Mpuma Koloni Lathitha IlangaJul -SepMtly9,9710%
Highlands Panorama NewsJul -SepWkly, Th9,9680%0%
CXpressJul -SepWkly, Wed9,9000%0%
White River PostJul -SepF9,8250%-0.4%
Nelspruit PostJul -SepWkly, Th9,8150%-37.9%
Hazyview HeraldJul -SepF9,795-0.3%194.7%
City BuzzJul -SepMtly9,2082.9%4.9%
KroonnuusJul -SepWkly, Tue9,1732.6%2.6%
Greytown GazetteJul -SepWkly, Mon9,1500%7.3%
Corridor GazetteJul -SepWkly, Th8,8000%-0.1%
Polokwane Observer.Jul -SepWkly, Th8,3162.8%
Die Ghaap - Kimberly GazetteJul -SepF7,9980%0.1%
Parys GazetteJul -SepWkly, Fr7,4930%0%
Sentinel NewsJul -SepWkly, Wed7,1450%0%
Mossel Bay Home Ads NewsJul -SepWkly, Tue6,8950%-12.7%
IdingaJul -SepWkly, Fr6,8550%-30.4%
Inner City GazetteJul -SepWkly, Th4,9760%
The Weekly Free StateJul -SepWkly, Th4,9500%0%
Standerton Advertiser.Jul -SepWkly, Fr4,8500%-56.5%
Free State SunJul -SepWkly, Th4,7500%0%
Maluti NewsJul -SepWkly, Fr2,4950.8%0.8%
Makhulu News.Jul -SepWkly, FrSuspended
Maseru MetroJul -SepWkly, ThSuspended
Public Eye Free StateJul -SepWkly, FrResigned
Midvaal SterJul -SepWkly, TueRebranded
Sasolburg SterJul -SepWkly, TueRebranded
Tongaat & Verulam SunJul -SepWkly, ThRebranded
Vanderbijlpark SterJul -SepWkly, TueRebranded
Vereeniging SterJul -SepWkly, TueRebranded
City Reporter (former Game Reporter)Jul -SepMtlyNon Payment
The InsightJul -SepMtlyNon Payment
AWSUM NewspaperJul -SepMtlyNo Submission
Laudium SunJul -SepWkly, FrNo submission
My LineJul -SepWkly, ThNo issue
Boland GazetteJul -SepWkly, TueDiscontinued
Echo, TheJul -SepWkly, FrDiscontinued
Express Northern CapeJul -SepWkly, WedDiscontinued
Newcastle SunJul -SepWkly, FrDiscontinued
Times of LadysmithJul -SepWkly, FrDiscontinued
Amajuba EyethuJul -SepWkly, FrChanged Sector
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About Danette Breitenbach

Danette Breitenbach was the editor and publisher of Advantage, the publication that served the marketing, media and advertising industry in southern Africa. Before her editorship, she was deputy-editor as well as freelancing for over a year on the publication before that. She has worked extensively in print media, mainly B2B, in the fields of marketing, mining, disability marketing, advertising and media.