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New Yebo Fresh township business programme to boost 3,000 kasipreneurs

Yebo Fresh is inviting 3,000 South African entrepreneurs to join its new Yebo Fresh Business Lab, which is a free skills development and business expansion programme that intends to create more jobs in the township entrepreneurship sector and facilitate better business. The programme is starting in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with the intention to roll out nationally after 12 months.
Credit: Yebo Fresh
Credit: Yebo Fresh

To qualify, the kasipreneur:

  1. Must be South African (with a valid South African ID).
  2. Must be running a general trade business such as a spaza shop/spazarette/tuckshop or a prepared foods business such as a kota outlet/shisa nyama/chicken dust stand/catering/making business or a hair salon/barbershop.
  3. Must be operating in a township/or in the informal sector.
  4. Must be operating for at least 12 months.

Qualifying kasipreneurs will be eligible to:

  • Use a digital tool with learning applications that will help them manage their business.
  • Have access to the Yebo Fresh order app with buy-now-pay-later and a customised e-learning programme.
  • Receive one-on-one business support.
  • Get to network with other kasipreneurs.

South African kasipreneurs who qualify are encouraged to sign-up for the Yebo Fresh Business Lab programme by sending a WhatsApp to 072 774 6192; visiting or Applications are accepted from the beginning of March, until 30 April 2023.

"With the mission to empower and support township entrepreneurs, Yebo Fresh aims to help small businesses not merely to survive but also to thrive in the township marketplace, which is estimated to be over R160bn," the company said.

"We have launched the Yebo Fresh Business Lab because we believe in the collective power of kasipreneurs to grow and transform the township economy through a change in mindset. We see and believe in the Kasipreneur. We are encouraging entrepreneurs in the informal sector to feel inspired to take action to change their approach to doing business in the township," said Yebo Fresh’s education development manager Samkelisiwe Sikhosana.

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