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Register now for the 2020 Africa Brand Summit

Ticket sales to this year's virtual and in-person Africa Brand Summit are open. Select the category that suits you and your organisation best, whether in Cape Town, Joburg, Nigeria or elsewhere; the summit is ready to launch first week of October, from the 7th to the 8th.

Even before the global war against Covid-19 is entirely won, Africa, alongside other parts of the world, must work harder at rebuilding from the economic ruins. In fact, Africa’s task will – more than ever before – be cut out for it as it adds a list of new challenges to longstanding ones.

The purpose of the Africa Brand Summit, now in its third year, is to eventually establish an Africa-based global destination image 'research and advisory service' to provide globally applicable best practice in destination rebranding, positioning, and destination reputation management.

Due to Covid-19, this year sees the summit being hosted as the first-ever hybrid event, with the physical and face-to-face segments – currently restricted to not more than 50 participants - taking place at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Newlands, Cape Town, and other participants livestreaming from across the globe.

The discussions will unpack:
  • What is the current reputation/image of Africa as a whole, each of its five regions, and of select influencer countries?
  • How does such destination image/reputation influence attitudes in Africa and across the world?
  • What are the key drivers/influencers of such an image/reputation?
  • What must be done to augment/enhance the positive aspects while also progressively eliminating the negative ones?
“The need for such an initiative has never been more critical, or timelier. This is because Africa does not exist in a vacuum. African countries compete against others, around the world, for FDI, business and leisure tourism, attracting scarce skills and generating needed goodwill to attract other forex-earning opportunities. The summit has initiated and will continue to lead critical conversations about our continent’s evolving brand image, the attributes that make us proud, as well as the opportunities that remain to progressively eliminate those attributes that hurt Africa’s brand reputation, at home and globally,” concludes Solly Moeng, reputation specialist and summit convenor.

Join our diverse panel of renowned South African and African delegates by registering:

Africa Brand SummitAfrica Brand Summit aims to be recognised as a leading platform for monitoring evolving perceptions about Africa, as well as their impact on Africa's ability to attract goodwill and grow a truly dynamic, inclusive, integrated economy. Negative perceptions stand in the way of Africa's socio-economic ambitions. The Summit brings together African and global minds and expertise to propose lasting solutions that will help progressively improve Africa's brand image.



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