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Krispy Kreme SA expands focus on off-premise sales

South Africans can now get Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the go in more areas, more often, as the company will be expanding its off-premise sales to 23 stores across Johannesburg, Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal, rolling out to local petrol stations and supermarkets.
Krispy Kreme SA expands focus on off-premise sales

The ‘off-premise’ sales model has proven successful in markets such as the UK and Australia, where it comprises around 40% of the total Krispy Kreme business. South Africa is one of only five markets that are rolling out the initiative.

According to Krispy Kreme South Africa, the country's status as a new, emerging market makes it easier to test this concept. "The local team is technologically advanced and operationally well-established, with a proven track record of success over the last three years. The team boasts fantastic management skills, experience in the industry and a talent for world-class product innovation, making it ideal to provide best practice for other markets looking to adopt this model," says the company.

Krispy Kreme says that off-premise sales are all about creating greater accessibility to its "delectable doughnuts". Fresh doughnuts will be delivered to each location daily, and will be sold ‘while stocks last’.

Krispy Kreme South Africa opened its first off-premise store on 17 September at the Engen Garage in Watermeyer, Pretoria.

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