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#YouthMonth: 5FM's online pop-up station, 5 Extra by the youth for the youth

In celebration of #YouthMonth, 5FM's online pop-up station, 5 Extra, the youth month edition, with content and music by under 25s, launched on the 5FM App.
Source: © Emmanuel Jason Eliphalet  , 5FM’s online pop-up station, 5 Extra, the youth month edition, with content and music by under 25s, launched on the 5FM App for Youth Month
Source: © Emmanuel Jason Eliphalet pexels , 5FM’s online pop-up station, 5 Extra, the youth month edition, with content and music by under 25s, launched on the 5FM App for Youth Month

“What sets 5FM Extra apart is that the station is being curated and created exclusively by the youth for the youth,” explains 5FM’s business manager, JD Mostert.

The pop-up showcases the brightest young talent that Mzansi has on offer, featuring artists under the age of 25, DJ mixes from the youngest and freshest masters of the decks who are making the country move to their beat as well as engaging information and entertainment pieces reflecting the voice of the youth.

5FM is calling out for people under the age of 25 to engage with 5 Extra by submitting their DJ mixes or music via the 5FM App – or simply reaching out and sharing their amazing and unique stories for the opportunity to be featured on 5 Extra.

“We continue to look for new ways in which to place our audience at the absolute epicenter of what we have to offer, and 5 Extra provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that - showcasing the phenomenal talent and potential of SA’s youth,” says Mostert.

A heightened focus on the youth

He adds that while the station celebrates the movers and shakers of SA’s youth throughout the year, Youth Month sees a heightened, nationwide focus on this dynamic group of young people.

“A platform like 5 Extra is a space where we not only amplify the voice of the youth of South Africa, but also present them with valuable, practical opportunities to showcase their talent and skills.”

Camps radio stations

In addition 5 Extra will be feature special radio shows, compiled and presented by South African campus radio stations.

Campus radio station DJs are being offered the opportunity to host a show on 5 Extra but also to be interviewed on 5FM by a 5FM presenter.

Mostert explains that this gives them an opportunity to experience what it is like to be on a busy, national commercial radio station packed with on-air activity, online and social media drives and off-air activations.

“In addition, 5FM has conducted workshops with campus radio stations and will continue to do so to ensure that the best in trade knowledge and skills is passed on,” adds Mostert.

Media’s crucial role

Media as a whole, Mostert emphasises, especially a youth brand such as 5FM, has the crucial role to inform, engage, challenge, shape and shift society to build a better future.

“While there are many platforms out there in which people can “self-broadcast”, a brand like 5FM still has the gravitas, punching power, reputation and credibility as a source of world-class content and a platform that amplifies the voice of those who will lead the charge in shaping tomorrow.”

Talent and industry development

From a talent development point of view, Mostert says it is these types of platforms that enable young people who dream of being on commercial radio to get a real-world, practical taste of what it’s like.

“For those who already have their minds set on turning it into a career, it provides a solid platform to further hone their talents and skillsets,.”

This means that commercial radio stations will have a bigger pool of talent to choose from. “Talent that is better and more practically equipped to participate in the commercial radio or wider media environment,” explains Mostert.

“A better skillset leads to better and more engaging content, which leads to bigger audience numbers, more time spent listening and better ROI for clients, which leads to more investment in the industry.”

He adds: “Big picture ideas like 5FM’s 5 Extrawill have a substantial, positive impact on the industry as a whole.

A platform such as 5 Extra:

  • Showcases, celebrates and promotes the amazing skills, talents and potential of SA’s youth – giving them a practical platform to be seen and heard on their terms.

  • Creates an environment in which different generations can learn from each other and, as a result, one where society can collectively learn to build even greater things together.

    “When the voice of the youth - and by extension their insights and ideas on what it’ll take to build a better future – is heard, it creates fertile soil for impactful, meaningful and positive shifts in the way we think about and do things to grow. Engaging the brightest young minds on how to build a better SA for all starts here,” says Mostert.

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