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Tradeway gets its promoters on track

Tradeway Promotions has announced that it has successfully completed its pilot project using its custom cellular location-based services to track and monitor promoter activity and performance.

The company says that this has added an extra dimension to its standard supervision and monitoring procedures delivering exponential results for clients and their activations.

Tradeway gets its promoters on track

One of the greatest challenges facing promotional companies is the management of casual resources to meet customer campaign objectives based on time and geography in addition to meeting commitments with channel partners.

Tradeway's managing director, Michelle Francis says, "The logistical co-ordination and management of promoters regionally and nationally is paramount in order to achieve campaign objectives and supersede customer expectations. Our location based service now gives us pervasive insight of what is happening real time. We're immediately alerted of no-shows and can quickly find replacement promoters. What's more, we can now also guarantee onsite time as promoters arriving late or leaving early is common place. This gives better results and lower cost per contact for clients."

Francis continues to stress how important the system is when it comes to eliminating the rescheduling of promotions and activations. In some instances rescheduling is not possible and the specific activation is lost.

Utilising the GSM network is a highly effective way to monitor a broad promoter workforce on a regional and national level. Tradeway's solution includes electronic mapping, interval location checking and SMS alerts when a promoter moves out of a specified area. This is all complemented by automated daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Francis concludes, "Over the last year, the cellular tracking service has added vast benefits to the business and clients. Any issues that arise (no-shows, tardiness) can be dealt with timeously ensuring campaigns are executed according to plan. This means that clients budgets are used more efficiently and they get what they pay for."

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