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The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

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    GroupM South Africa supports 100% Black-owned OOH media owners with the Inclusivity Support Program - "INC"

    GroupM has launched a South Africa-first program to support small 100% Black-owned OOH media owners through upskilling, sharing of knowledge, tools, and research, to help increase their performance as a vendor in this market. This program officially kicks off in August 2021 and will run for an estimated eight months. The aim for this program is to support and upskill 100+ OOH media owners within three years.
    GroupM South Africa supports 100% Black-owned OOH media owners with the Inclusivity Support Program - "INC"

    Federico De Nardis, GroupM sub-Saharan Africa CEO: “We’re the leading media investment company at global level. We feel the responsibility to shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people. Let’s face it - the media industry has not always had the best reputation. We’re working every day to change that - whether it’s investing in brand safety, leading on consumer privacy, operating sustainably, or championing diversity in every form.”

    Kirsty Carlson
    Kirsty Carlson

    Kirsty Carlson, the head of GroupM OOH and the developer of this program explains: “The OOH industry in South Africa is an extremely vendor-cluttered environment in comparison to other markets. It is very competitive and fragmented. We aim through this program to upskill and train small to medium 100% Black-owned OOH media owners to gain a better understanding of media, and in particular a large focus on understanding the OOH media market, and what agencies and clients are looking for when it comes to this medium. Furthermore, incorporated in this program is the introduction to research, data and technology 3rd party operators and suppliers that are available in South Africa that can assist these vendors to leverage their inventory and offering even further. We have also incorporated innovation showcases to spark creativity and inspiration.”

    Kirsty Carlson continues: “With the ever-growing OOH market in South Africa, with the launch of Programmatic DOOH, increased development of digital screens and DOOH platforms in various environments, and even the development of standard traditional sites, we do see a need for further upskilling and education on this medium, to better understand how to strategically sell to agencies and clients. GroupM INC will also guide vendors to understand what clients are looking for when considering OOH opportunities. I believe understanding the needs of the market will better equip these vendors on how to sell their inventory on offer, as well as where and what to develop to allow for an increased propensity for spend. The creation of this program provides much needed support and I am truly excited to see it come to life. “

    Nick Calf, head of trading and investment adds that: “Globally GroupM have been leading the industry with initiatives like the Responsible Investment Framework. This framework allows us to leverage our scale to drive real change in the market through a commitment to make advertising work better for people.

    It is within this framework that GroupM South Africa has created the INC program that enables supplier diversity and allows us to scale our efforts to support and transform the industry.”

    Lwandile Qokweni, CEO of Wavemaker South Africa, shows his support of the GroupM Inclusivity Support Program: “We are always challenging ourselves to improve by looking at the industry at large and finding ways to change the status quo and provoke growth in our industry. The GroupM support program does not only guarantee smaller entities in the OOH industry a sustained partnership with GroupM and our clients, it also assures that they will have access to the support they need to make a success of this opportunity. We trust that this program helps to open up the OOH industry and help smaller OOH companies to become more sustainable, competitive and innovative.”

    Vendors that are participating in the first year of this program 2021/22, have undergone a compliance, vetting and discovery process. This compliance phase will re-open again in April/May 2022 for the 2nd year program 2022/23. Should you be interested to participate in the 2nd year program please reach out to Kirsty Carlson at GroupM OOH South Africa. or complete the following form with your details: https://forms.office.com/r/Gg8jStmG6e

    We welcome OOH vendors to please get in touch for further information.

    About GroupM

    GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company responsible for more than $60bn in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis.

    GroupM’s portfolio includes Data & Technology (now Choreograph), Investment and Services, all united in vision to shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people. By leveraging all the benefits of scale, the company innovates, differentiates and generates sustained value for our clients wherever they do business.

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