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Just Ideas looking for volunteers for Brain Sessions

Just Ideas will be running the first of their Brain Sessions on March 27 2004. These will be mega brainstorms with volunteers from the communications industry taking on some of the biggest problems that currently confront South Africa. These include crime, unemployment and the delivery of benefits to the disadvantaged forgotten part of the economy.

The rationale behind these sessions is to highlight the benefits to be gained from extreme brainstorming and the fact that ideas and solutions can be found off the beaten track.

Most ideas never work but if crazy and hare brained ideas are not being considered then the chances of finding the big idea are slim. Off the wall ideas trigger other ideas and drive the creative process.

Scientists, politicians and economists have all had a fair crack and have not found the answers. Sometimes too much expertise and too little curiosity can be a serious hurdle in finding creative solutions to big problems.

Richard Clarke, renowned idea designer and instigator, will be running the sessions and the emphasis will be on the free flow of ideas.

The sessions will be recorded and written down for possible publication and to keep on record the ideas raised.

Just Ideas are looking for sponsorship partners in the fields of IT and communications. Possible sponsors also include vitamin supplements that aid the brain and promote the functioning of essential attributes for creativity such as memory and alertness.

The communications industry has a reputation for creativity and this project aims to put that reputation on the line. The Brain Sessions will run initially for four weeks starting on the 27 March.

Media relations will be driven by Just Ideas and the timing of the project has been chosen to coincide with the increased debate on issues like crime and unemployment during the election year.

For further information regarding sponsorship packages as well as venues and conditions of participation contact Richard at or 083 699 7112.

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