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The rise of digital influencers

Social media influencer definitely sounds like a made-up job, right? Well, it turns out this is one of the hottest jobs right now, thanks to the rise of brands tapping into these digitally savvy content creators.
The rise of the brand influencer

Influencer marketing today is very different from its origins of celebrity product placement and is proving more effective than digital ads, which are increasingly filtered out by ad blockers...

By Bradley Elliott 5 Mar 2018

These days people can make themselves famous on social media by building a following around their hobbies and passions, whatever those may be, and then convert that into a living by charging companies to include their brands on social media content. The next time your Dad tells you that you spend too much time on your phone you can tell him you're just building your career.

Social media influencer marketing might be buzzing but it's certainly not a new phenomenon. Celebrities have always been involved in advertising things like laundry detergent and cigarettes, but today celebrities aren't the preferred method of advertising online.

Influencer marketing for dummies: 2018 and beyond

Hlumelo Ndoni answers the questions, what is digital influencer marketing and how can we work with digital influencers?...

By Hlumelo Ndoni 25 Jan 2018

People tend to prefer their friends' and peers’ recommendations over celebrity endorsements. This infographic has some great info about this buzzing trend. Maybe all that work you’ve been doing building your social media following will finally pay off!

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