Hlumelo Ndoni

Co-founder and growth lead at Lokal Link
Location:South Africa


    My twitter bio uses buzz words such as ass kicker, tech geek, and Internet ninja.
    But when you get down to it- I'm a marketer, a blogger, a social media enthusiast and budding growth hacker.
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    The argument for making lower quality ads: Targeting Generation Z

    There are a number of reports of agencies missing the point when it comes to the youngest generation of consumers, Generation Z. Often, too little time is spent optimising content for this generation's platforms-of-choice, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook...

    By Hlumelo Ndoni 11 Jun 2018

    The rise of digital influencers

    Social media influencer definitely sounds like a made-up job, right? Well, it turns out this is one of the hottest jobs right now, thanks to the rise of brands tapping into these digitally savvy content creators...

    By Hlumelo Ndoni 13 Apr 2018

    How to budget influencer marketing

    Hlumelo Ndoni shares some thoughts on how to structure and budget for your future influencer campaigns...

    By Hlumelo Ndoni 28 Feb 2018

    Influencer marketing for dummies: 2018 and beyond

    Hlumelo Ndoni answers the questions, what is digital influencer marketing and how can we work with digital influencers?...

    By Hlumelo Ndoni 25 Jan 2018

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