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How to get Showmax for free with Vodacom

Showmax has launched a new deal with Vodacom that gives you three months of Showmax for free, plus free data to binge-watch your favourite series in their new #zerobucksgiven campaign.

How to give zero buck

Vodacom customers who add Showmax to their bill between 1 November 2018 and 31 January 2019 will get 15 GB of free Showmax data* (5 GB per month for three months). On top of this, the usual R99 per month subscription fee for Showmax will be waived for three months.

After three months of free Showmax, you’ll only be charged R49 per month for Showmax for the next nine months. This means that a year of Showmax, which would normally cost R1,188, will only cost R441. That’s not counting the 15 GB of free data to watch whatever you want on Showmax!

To sign up for the deal, visit www.showmax.com/vodacom.

The deal is open to both Vodacom prepaid and contract customers. Plus, there’s no contract or lock-in period. Showmax can be cancelled at any time.

Showmax's press office

Showmax is internet TV that lets you stream or download the best series, movies, kids' shows and documentaries. Watch Showmax now on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV.