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Solar installation at 382 Jan Smuts will reduce energy footprint

Tower Property Fund's 382 Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg recently received a solar PV installation which features a bank of 300 highly efficient solar panels on its roof. These panels will supply approximately 26% of the building's electricity requirements.
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The project was managed by Spire Sustainable Solutions, part of Spire Property Management, on behalf of the Tower Property Fund. Simon Penso, managing director of Spire Sustainable Solutions, says that initial results are very exciting after the system went live at the end of February 2016.

The 382 Jan Smuts solar PV installation is being monitored through a roof top weather station that feeds results through to an online portal that allows Spire Property Management to check how the system is performing at any time.

In addition to the solar installation, 382 Jan Smuts also received a lighting retrofit and underwent a functional renovation that involved a facelift of the façade, new bathrooms throughout the three storey office block as well as a complete repaint for the entire building.

Other installations

In addition to the installation at 382 Jan Smuts, other buildings within Spire’s portfolio have also received solar installations. Amongst these are the Cape Quarter and the DeVille Shopping Centre in the Western Cape, as well as at 6-8 Sturdee Avenue in Johannesburg. These installations are expected to supply approximately R1.2m worth of electricity in the first year of operation.

“The value of this power will increase in direct proportion to electricity price increases,” says Simon Stubbings, property manager for 382 Jan Smuts. “This power is resold to the tenants and so will no longer need to be purchased from Eskom.”

Spire Sustainable Solutions utilised the services of well-known installation company, Weave Energy, to undertake the installation at 382 Jan Smuts as well as at the DeVille Centre and 6-8 Sturdee Avenue.

“We are very proud to see the roll-out of another sustainable project within our growing portfolio,” says Gregg Huntingford, CEO of Spire Property Management. “We have a committed philosophy of working with our clients to reduce the energy footprint of our buildings to the betterment of our clients. We look forward to seeing more in the future.”
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