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IAS receives Saica accreditation to deliver an APC Professional Programme

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) is pleased to announce the accreditation of the Institute of Accounting Sciences' (IAS) Integrated Learning Professional Course (ILPC), effective January 2023.
IAS receives Saica accreditation to deliver an APC Professional Programme
IAS receives Saica accreditation to deliver an APC Professional Programme

When it comes to addressing South Africa’s scarce-skills shortage, Saica prides itself on accrediting education programmes that provide higher education students access to Saica’s membership benefits via a variety of qualification routes.

The IAS is the fourth provider in South Africa to have a Professional Programme accredited for the purposes of entry into Saica’s Assessment of Professional Competence which is the second part of Saica’s qualifying examinations.

Saica’s chief executive officer, Freeman Nomvalo, explains:

“For programmes to be accredited by Saica, providers undergo a rigorous and extensive process to ensure that their programme has the necessary resources in place to deliver a high-quality programme leading to the CA(SA) qualification. Having undergone the formal accreditation process, we are confident that the IAS’s Professional Programme is backed by the necessary resources to meet the standards set by Saica. Those who have completed this course now get an opportunity to align their career trajectory with Saica, one of the world's leading accounting institutes.”

The accreditation is effective for all candidates who enrolled in the IAS’s ILPC programme from January 2023.

What does the accreditation mean for the IAS?

IAS Head, Gary Swartz, says that “the new programme provides an important addition to the current professional programme market. We have a strong focus on developing skills and competencies, and on providing a personalised and holistic solution for students. The IAS is excited to present their new offering which is based on a newly developed bespoke skills development portal, developed from a combination of local and internationally professional research.”

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