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Inaugural Future of Sustainability Summit kicks off virtually this week

The inaugural Future of Sustainability Summit, held in partnership with Old Mutual, will be held virtually on 30 June and 1 July.
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The summit will bring together C-suite executives, corporates, businesses leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations, and industry experts across all sectors to take actionable steps towards implementing green, sustainable, and ethically sound strategies to mobilise Africa towards a zero-carbon emission, waste-free, fully sustainable, smart continent.

“Being a bystander is not an option anymore and there is no need to stand on the side-line and assume that the next person will act on your behalf. Now is the time that we all take individual responsibility by taking small actions which will evidently lead to a greater impact,” says Ralf Fletcher, CEO at Topco Media, organisers of the event.

Sharing current innovations and solutions

The summit aims to create a platform for decision-makers to share current innovations and solutions that will collectively make an impact on the African continent, not only for the general population, but for investors, consumers, the workforce, and governments alike.

“As a supplier of financial services to millions of customers across the African continent, we have an important role to play in driving greater inclusion and more equal societies. We must actively help build a low-carbon, resource-efficient environment that creates greater access to the economy for all stakeholders,” says Iain Williamson, CEO at Old Mutual.

For more information on the Future of Sustainability Summit, click here.

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