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OFM School of Podcasting opens April 2023

In an ever-changing landscape of audio production and consumption, OFM is leading the way and opening access to technology and platforms for citizen podcasters to be heard.
OFM School of Podcasting opens April 2023

"The belief is that experts, or celebrities and influencers, are the only people to have podcasts. I say: ‘No.’ My view is that anyone who wants to be heard should be given the opportunity to publish. OFM is going to open those doors," says Nick Efstathiou, CEO of the Central Media Group.

He further adds, "OFM has the studios, engineers, audio production capacity and platforms to publish new, exciting podcasts. OFM will grant access to its production facilities at an affordable rate to give prospective podcasters the opportunity to be published on a bigger scale. The cost of podcasting is within reach."

This is a different take on the podcasting space, audio consumption, and giving people who have never had the opportunity, access.

“There are many bedroom podcasters. OFM will move them into the mainstream, offering them greater audiences,” Efstathiou concludes.

To gain access to the OFM School of Podcasting, email az.oc.mfo@gnitsacdop.

OFM Radio
OFM, is Central South Africa's premier commercial radio station, offering a mix of music, news and entertainment. The station serves the affluent SEM 7+ economically active marketplace with a broadcast footprint across the Free State, Northern Cape, southern Gauteng and North West.

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