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Higher Education Company news South Africa

Richfield launches new world-class campuses

As digital capabilities become firmly entrenched in our daily lives and in the new world of work, both locally as well as around the globe - being technology savvy has evolved into a must-have and no longer a nice-to-have, in order to thrive in business, government, and society.

Richfield has been leading this charge in advancing digital skills capabilities and leveraging digital platforms for the last three decades, and it is this that has firmly positioned us as a leader in the response to addressing private and public sector needs for qualified digital technology professionals who transform businesses and communities. Richfield is undisputedly SA’s Top private IT and Business college – an evolving leading academic institution that provides accredited MBA, Honours, Degree, Diploma and Higher Certificate qualifications benchmarked against the best local and global higher education providers. Our qualifications empower tertiary students with a robust combination of partnerships with industry greats such as Amazon Web Services, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, CIMA, Salesforce, and cutting-edge curricula that make our programmes relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s innovative and creative societal, as well as working environments.

It has always been Richfield’s objective to make affordable, quality private higher learning experiences accessible to anyone looking to achieve personal and career success in IT and Business. Therefore, Richfield is extremely proud to announce the opening of its three new state-of-the-art campuses in the northern suburbs of Johanesburg, on 193 Bryanston Drive, in Durban, Umhlanga within Park Square and lastly, Cape Town on 112 Long Street. These world-class academic facilities are nestled in premium locations at the centre of economic and digitally innovative business hubs.

Students who apply to start their journey with Richfield can expect a sophisticated environment equipped with remarkable lecture halls, a thorough blend of industry and academic lecturers who are at the forefront of their craft, a professional support team, as well as the essential tools and provisions to ensure their overall educational success. This includes free laptops, a fully supported online learning platform and digital-focused modules that will boost the skillsets, while shifting the mindsets of learners..

Ben and Rosamund Zander in their profound book, The Art of Possibility, write sagely, “Give yourself an A by focusing on the person you want to become, instead of comparing yourself and others to those around you.”

“We invite you to shut out the naysayers and bash down the barriers that have kept you from achieving your full potential and realising your God-given talent. Richfield’s new Bryanston, Durban and Cape Town campuses will give you the opportunity to be an A student!” said Stefan Ferreira, group chief executive officer.

Richfield’s new campuses will be officially launching to the public in January 2022. Visit our website for more

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