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Bata's prodigy, Michael Wyatt, returns to local soil

Michael Wyatt appointed as Bata South Africa Managing Director
South African national, Michael Wyatt has returned to SA to take on the role as Bata South Africa’s managing director and as a support to Alberto Errico, Bata Africa president. Alberto has been balancing his role as both the president for Bata Africa and the managing director for Bata South Africa over the past year.

Michael Wyatt has returned to African soil with a wealth of global experience and he is passionate about sharing the great story of Bata and its heritage as well as growing local markets and production.

“We are excited to welcome a devoted Bata member, Michael Wyatt, to lead the Bata South Africa team. Bata South Africa had a very successful 2019, and with Michael driving the team and carrying out the rock-solid strategy that we have in place for 2020, we are anticipating a great year ahead,” says Alberto Errico, Bata Africa president.

Wyatt celebrates a decade dedicated to the footwear giant, having worked with all the Bata brands in SA as well as having experience as a supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and a retailer, both locally and abroad. This breadth of experience positions Michael well to deliver results in the unique retail environment that South Africa has.

Having began his career as a footwear designer back in 2001, he has grown and developed through the roles of product development and designer, until 2008 when he progressed to a collection buyer. In 2010, he joined Bata as sales and sourcing manager and within two years he was promoted to wholesale and brand manager for Tomy Takkies, with one of his outstanding achievements being the establishment of a full creative, design and product range for the brand.

In 2014, Michael moved to Australia as marketing director for Bata Australia and New Zealand and in six months, held a new role as managing director and board director for Australia and New Zealand. Wyatt continued on an upward trajectory, in 2016, as regional brand coordinator for Bata Industrials Protective in the APAC region consisting of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. For the past two years he has held the position of managing director for Czech Republic and Slovakia and board director for Central Europe; consisting of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Netherlands.

“To be able to come back to South Africa is a goal realised and I look forward to contributing wholeheartedly. Our love for the nation of South Africa drew my wife and I back with the vision of making a difference at the local level,” comments Wyatt.

For further information on Bata, please visit www.bata.co.za

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