#Newsmaker: M&C Saatchi Abel's Mpufane to lead the Bookmarks 2018

M&C Saatchi Johannesburg Group chairman Jerry Mpufane succeeds John Dixon as jury president of the IAB Bookmarks Awards, which celebrates its 10th year of ‘rewarding excellence in digital and recognising the powerful impact interactive has on the overall marketing mix'.
Jerry Mpufane
“I am personally honoured to be able to lead the Bookmarks in the jury president role. It is my sincerest hope that my varied experience, having judged at many creative festivals, will add depth to an already strong jury lineup," says Mpufane.

“The Bookmark Awards sets the benchmark for the industry by celebrating award-winning work that inspires and educates the market about the power to build brands through creative, high-impact digital executions that deliver measurable results."

Here, he comments further on what the role entails, how the digital landscape has evolved since the Bookmarks inception 10 years ago, and what’s new in 2018...

BizcommunityCongratulations on becoming jury president for the Bookmarks! Why are you excited to lead the Bookmarks next year?

The role of jury president is an opportunity to influence, as well as be influenced by the smartest digital brains in the country. We live in an exponential age, and the digital conversation is at the heart of this change. It is an honour to be a part of the conversation during a time of change.

BizcommunityComment on your role as jury president. What does this entail?

My role is to set the agenda for the marketing services industry. I will not be doing this on my own, because we have assembled a capable set of jurors with whom I share the same mission, being the task to push the industry forward.

BizcommunityHow has your leadership and judging experience equipped you well for this position?

I have had the privilege to participate in many creative festivals as a judge. That experience counts for something. I am ready to lead the conversation, to rally opinions, and ultimately to make the tough decisions.

BizcommunityWhat are you currently reading/listening to for work?

In a fast-paced world, journals from some of the leading opinion makers are a must-read. We live in a new age, and we are all just figuring it out. Reading the works of the many creators out there is infinitely invaluable.

BizcommunityComment on the current state of the digital landscape. How has it evolved since the Bookmarks inception?

The economy is not short of ideas, there’s a lot of information out there. What we are short of are the creators who dare to make things look different. The Bookmarks occupy a unique position to reward and influence a new way of thinking.

BizcommunityWhat trends do you predict for the digital industry in 2018?

What will not change is the need for a sharper focus on human insight. The winning ideas are those which speak to the human truth. There’s no room for gimmicks, the consumer is already time-starved.

BizcommunityIs the Bookmarks going to do anything special to celebrate its 10-year anniversary?

Change. We will become more disciplined in terms of rewarding work that delivers a remarkable change.

BizcommunityWhat’s new next year?

Diversity, diversity, diversity – of people, of ideas, of touchpoints. Overall, we have to recognise that the digital world touches so many more parts of our lives.

About Jerry Mpufane

Mpufane has more than 20 years experience in brand marketing, and has held executive-level positions in both the agency and corporate sectors.

In his role as chairman, he’s responsible for leadership and synergy, executive client support, talent support, as well as transformation and industry Initiatives across the seven Group companies.

He has been a judge of the Bookmarks Awards, the Loerie Awards and the Prism Awards for a few years. Mpufane was previously the vice-chairman of the Association of Communications Agencies (ACA) and a member of the Board of the Loerie Awards.
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