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Inospace opens indoor Padel Court

Inospace has announced opening the country's first multi-court indoor Padel centre at one of its flagship Paarden Eiland parks.

Launched by Epic Padel, the complex - known as the Epic Padel Epicentre - at The Island will be home to four double courts, a single court, pro shop, café, workspace with free wi-fi and change room facilities.

Padel is a cross between tennis and squash, taking the best of these sports to create a fun, easy game. Padel is played on an astroturf court enclosed by glass walls that players can bounce the ball off. Using a bat instead of a racquet further helps make Padel accessible to all ages and easy to pick up.

"The trajectory of Padel over the last five to 10 years has been unbelievable. Over 10,000 courts have popped up across Europe in the past two years alone. Given this growth and the sporty nature of South Africans, we felt it was the right time to help encourage the sport locally," says Epic Padel's Elian Wiener.

Padel players are able to book courts via the Playtomic app, while Padel bats are available for rent at the venue. Bats, balls and other Padel merchandise from some of the world’s biggest Padel brands, such as Adidas, Volt and Head, will also be sold at the pro shop.

Coaching for all levels of players, as well as socials, tournaments and leagues, will also be offers, the details of which will be communicated via social media channels as well as on WhatsApp groups and newsletters.

"Collaborating with Epic Padel allows us to demonstrate how we are re-imagining industrial real estate. Alongside the renowned indoor climbing destination, CityRock, Epic Padel's joining our community of clients is proof that traditional industrial areas are being transformed into buzzing commercial nodes," says Inospace COO Jacques Weber.

"We had many requirements for the space. It needed to be centrally located and large enough to accommodate several indoor courts and enough area to create the social atmosphere of a club. Inospace could have far more easily leased it to an industrial or logistics tenant with simpler needs. But, they bought into our vision of what we are trying to create: a space that makes a positive impact in the community where people can get fit, have fun and build relationships," says Wiener.

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