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The Box Shop June 16 food market sponsored by American Express

Celebrating generation on the move
Vilakazi Street came alive as it was transformed into an epitome of youth culture hustle, echoing the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of 2018 youth on the move. The annual Box Shop June 16 food social market sponsored by American Express featured 20 millennium and cultural food dishes, inspired by our South African cultural traditions and stories. Actress Zandile Msutwana and comedian Donovan Goliath attended the celebration.

One of South Africa’s most innovative lifestyle and social market, The Box Shop food market paid homage to the efforts, bravery and patriotism personified by the South African youth of 1976 by observing their efforts which propelled and shaped the youth of today to be creators of culture. The market did this by choosing to invest on enterprising youth in the creative and hospitality sectors.

According to Sifiso Moyo, founding director of The Box Shop June 16 Food Market, the evolution of public markets, in South Africa, contributes positively to the country’s image. Such a phenomenon plays an important role in stimulating the culture of travel, from a domestic perspective. The market is now perceived and understood in the context of the long urban tradition across South Africa.

More so, we are ecstatic to announce a new partnership between The Box Shop and American Express in South Africa. The event, dubbed "The Box Shop June 16 Food Market sponsored by American Express", took place on Saturday, 16 June 2018, at The Box Shop in Vilakazi Street, Soweto.

Privesan Naidoo, the business lead in driving diverse and relevant American Express merchant partnerships across South Africa, says that such occasions have fashioned an innovative cultural currency that values authenticity, share-ability and recognition. This further speaks to the fact that South Africa’s energetic markets epitomise openness as they make the country a better, richer and more sociable place that appeals to domestic and global tourists.

The day was filled with live music and performances from local hip-hop and soul music artists, deejays, dances, poetry, pop-up gallery, fashion show, mural paintings of Nelson Mandela and art installations.


Every year, in the dry white season of Johannesburg’s winter, we gaze back into the seismic events of 1976, 16th of June, a nostalgic moment that changed the face of history, as we know it. The most dramatic theatrical display of bravery and patriotism by the South African youth. The seeds, which gave rise to the fruits and the sacrifices of the then youth, which has propelled and shaped today youth to be creators of culture ,and identified them to be a generation on the move.

For today's youth, 1976, 16 June, must remind them not only of what was, but it should celebrate the possibilities of those who are not amongst us today, of what they could have achieved or contributed to the progress of this country, because the work of 1976 is still not complete.

As The Box Shop, we have inherited the baton to keep the spirit of June 16 alive by choosing to celebrate and commemorate the youth, by investing on enterprising them in the creative and hospitality sectors.

About American Express

American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. American Express has partnered with a select group of leading banks and financial institutions around the world to issue American Express-branded products and acquire merchants on to the American Express merchant network. By leveraging its partnerships, global infrastructure and the powerful appeal of the brand, American Express has gained even broader reach for its network worldwide. In South Africa, Nedbank Ltd is the licensed issuer of American Express-branded Cards in South Africa, and also signs up merchants to accept American Express Card transactions. For more information, visit and like the American Express Facebook page, @AmericanExpressSA.

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