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Celebs share personal resolutions for 2024: A peek into dreams, detoxing, and gratitude

The start of a new year is more than just turning a calendar page; it's a time to set intentions, chase dreams, and embark on a journey of self-improvement.
The entertainers share their aspirations. Source: Supplied.
The entertainers share their aspirations. Source: Supplied.

We caught up with some of our favourite local celebrities to get a sneak peek into their personal aspirations for 2024. From health and fitness goals to career milestones, these stars share their heartfelt New Year's resolutions and the strategies they plan to adopt to make 2024 a year to remember.

Carol Ofori, author and radio personality

For Carol Ofori, the start of a new year sets the tone for the year ahead – which is why she loves setting out some new year resolutions and map out the year ahead. This year, Carol reveals that she is looking for more purpose in all aspects of her life. “For the new year, I just want to live a happier and more purposeful life. I would love joy to be the tone of my year, peace to be the heartbeat of my year and happiness to be my stride for the year,” she says.

Martin Bester, Jacaranda FM radio personality

As someone who wakes up over a million people every morning on Jacaranda FM’s award-winning breakfast show Breakfast With Martin Bester, Martin knows how chaotic life can get. That’s why his new year’s resolution is all about detoxing. “My New Year’s resolutions this year will include detoxing on a grand scale. I need to cut more toxic people, situations, food and drinks out of my life,” he explains. However, that’s not all! Martin adds “I also want to start a new business and I want to see more of our country and tour my music in some new places.”

Robby Collins, award-winning comedian

2023 was certainly a stand-out year for comedian Robby Collins. The star took home the coveted ‘Comedian Of The Year’ and the ‘Funny Influencer Content Award’ at last year’s Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards and he continues to cement himself as one of the greatest comedians in South Africa today. So, for his new year’s resolution, Robby wants to set some time aside to take in all the incredible things happening in his life. “My New Year’s resolution is just to enjoy every moment that I find myself in,” he explains. “And to practice more gratitude!”

Chanley Wong, TV personality and content creator

In 2024, Chanley Wong is hopeful about introducing positive changes into her life by establishing some simple yet impactful resolutions. “In 2024, I’m feeling more motivated and disciplined to achieve and succeed,” Chanley says. “I learnt so much in 2023 that this year, I’m looking for clarity and positivity.” Chanley has outlined five resolutions for the year: committing to a healthier sleep routine, maintaining the fitness level she achieved in 2023, participating in her first 10km race, prioritising time for friends and family, and embracing more travel experiences throughout the year.

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