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[2013 trends] Opportunities for growth within marketing and advertising arena

There are a few trends to be aware of in 2013 which will help create opportunities within the advertising and marketing arena in South Africa. A number of these come from local and international intelligence.
[2013 trends] Opportunities for growth within marketing and advertising arena
The IAS has access to international insights from its global partner - the AAR Group UK - and has adopted input from the 2012 AdForum Summit in New York and the 2012 Global Social Media Summit in London. This has helped us to identify the following trends as 2013 approaches:
  1. Speed becoming crucial

    The speed required to market, produce and get the work into the public domain is becoming crucial. Research and pre-testing could slow this process down.

    Thus, it is advisable that agencies turn their attention towards refining the research process right and implementing measures that would increase efficiency. While these developments are underway, agencies must maintain their integrity in order to match the deliverables to their clients.

  2. Measurement of the efficacy of a campaign

    Access to data technology assists agencies to measure the results and impact of a campaign effectively. This means that the analysis of data is becoming more of a necessity and is frequently required by clients to measure the return on their investment.

  3. A great creative advertisement is becoming more valuable than ordinary advertisements

    It is easy to get wrapped up in data, but a great creative advertisement is still a great advertisement, and the agency of the future will still be producing great television ads.

    "Television is not dead." More people are watching television than ever before. Yes, they also watch advertisements on social media platforms, but television is the social glue for many communities in a way that other screens are not.

  4. Client-agency relationship

    The relationship between a client and an agency is becoming more important during tough times. As an intermediary, I have noticed that clients have come to rely on their business partnerships and that their relationship with the agency is thus more important.

    Clients are more likely to create a long-lasting relationship with an agency, providing that they receive the deliverables that they outlined on the onset of the relationship.

  5. Emergence of new agencies

    New agencies are beginning to emerge since the end of the recession. A lot of people might have moved on or broken away and created their own advertising agencies.

    These gives clients more choice, creates a bigger pool of creative perspectives, knowledge and expertise, and creates for an exciting and more competitive market place.

  6. Social media

    The rush is now over; companies were rushing to be on social media platforms so they would not be left behind. Stakeholders are now being considered. Social media is heading toward a more strategic and intentional approach. Successful campaigns should last for 12 months and are measured according to how they are aligned to the business strategy and objectives.

    Also, social media platforms such as LinkedIn are underused and can be the determining factor within the professional networking landscape. At the talk at the 2012 Global Social Media Summit in London, it was highlighted that LinkedIn hosts 64 million professionals on its network. Its main aim is to link talent and opportunity on a massive scale; accessing this network is crucial for business.

  7. Renaissance of the direct mailer

    The advent of newer and more effective online and digital technology is allowing for direct mailers to become more focused, measured, instant and cheaper.

    Agencies can communicate thought-leading information and their vision to manage their relationships with prospective and existing clients through this medium. They can be contacted via email and allow for analytics to become more pronounced in terms of the market place.

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