Marketing & Media trends

Marketing & Media trends

More Articles launches Biz Trends 2015 has teamed up with specialist industry editor and columnist, Louise Marsland, to bring you a comprehensive, curated, thought-leadership perspective on trends and consumer insights for 2015 for the media, marketing and advertising communications industries in South Africa and the continent.
Biz Trends 2015, in association with, aims to be the definitive guide to issues influencing the media and marketing industries in our region. The curated reports will be published early January 2015 across all media touchpoints: from the website,, to printed products with a targeted distribution, a mobile app, downloadable digital magazine, printable PDF, radio and video support, as well as events. It will include research, interviews and trends from local industry leadership, research houses and relevant international channels.

The audience targeted is 500,000 readers, comprising total readership locally and internationally across our portals and social media; offline media partnerships; events and other industry partnerships.

Marsland launched annual trends on a decade ago when she was the then Editor, and has specialised in reporting on trends in the industry through her weekly trends column on and her own site, She produced a special annual trends edition as Editor-in-Chief of AdVantage magazine, and in 2014, produced and edited a digital magazine on 2014 trends into consumer insights, published on TRENDAFRiCA.

Bizcommunity is delighted to be collaborating with Louise Marsland again, she has always had a great chemistry with the Biz brand and is undoubtedly one of the foremost authorities on B2B and content marketing in South Africa.

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