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Enviro Loo's 'Not Kak Ideas' viral campaign uses humour to bring across a powerful message

Sure to make some serious viral waves in the coming weeks, Enviro Loo, a leading sanitation solution provider, has launched its "Not Kak Ideas" digital campaign...
The campaign comprises a cheeky yet impactful series of three fun videos - each driving a different theme that is sure to make people think twice about how safe sanitation impacts our daily lives.

In time for 19 November's World Toilet Day, the rationale behind "Not Kak Ideas: Brought to you by the best kak idea: Enviro Loo" is to demonstrate how through some creative ingenuity a "not kak idea" might just be the solution to not having enough hours in the day, or finally finding a workable personal space maker.

It's all about sanitation

However, underneath the somewhat zany inventions and subsequent results, the videos' two protagonists Shadrack and Gary continuously bring across hard-hitting facts around sanitation - each video has a bona fide theme: Episode 1 talks about World Toilet Day while Episodes 2 and 3 focus on education and the environment respectively.

"With the 'Not Kak Ideas' campaign we hope to, in a light-hearted manner, solidify a strong message on how safe sanitation impacts all our lives. Sanitation is an unsexy talking point so why not bring a message across in an entertaining manner and ensure people think twice about this issue," comments Lance Joel, MD of Enviro Loo.

Episode 1 of "Not Kak Ideas: Brought to you by the best kak idea: Enviro Loo" launches today (17 November 2014) on the company's YouTube Channel and its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Watch the video...

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