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Meet you at the round table

Introducing The Roundtables, iProspect's new long-form thought-leadership initiative that brings together change agents, creative visionaries and industry powerhouses.

The Roundtables landing page serves as a content destination for this long-form initiative, where you’ll get access to seven new videos. The video series include incredible talent from some world-class brands, including VICE, Condé Nast, Vox Media, Buzzfeed, Bustle, IBM, S’well, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Geena Davis Institute, Google and many more who have conversations that push progress forward across advertising, social, political and cultural spheres.

Here’s a roundup of the four Roundtables you have to watch today.

1. Digital transformation won’t wait for the September issue

“From a luxury standpoint, consumers are more in control than ever.” – Risa Aronson, Head of Luxury, Condé Nast

With changing consumer attitudes and rents outpacing sales, this luxury retail roundtable looks to answer a simple question of survival: Where exactly is the sweet spot for the modern luxury retailer?

The Roundtables: The Future of Fashion, Luxury and Beauty.

2. Inclusivity isn’t just skin deep

“It’s about the freedom to show up as your authentic self.” – Adrianne C. Smith, Founder, Cannes Can: Diversity Collective

Marketing has the potential to affect our lives on a profoundly intimate level – whether the products we’re offered take into consideration such dimensions of our identity as our gender, age, culture or height, or whether we’re served a brand’s ads via paid social media and display advertising based on the superficial target categories assigned to our pixels. This roundtable investigates why marketers need to ensure that neither the creative side of advertising nor the technology powering our modern marketing landscape reinforces our unconscious bias.

The Roundtables: Inclusive Marketing in the Digital Age.

3. You used to call me on your cellphone

“There are voices that deserve to be heard.” – Max Cutler, President, Spotify/Parcast

In an era of tech disruption and changing consumer behaviour, audio has evolved from a medium for sharing culture to one that’s shaping it. In new formats – from podcasts to voice assistants – voice has become a new medium driving consumer and brand behaviour. This roundtable explores how audio is changing the way we communicate, consume content and navigate daily life, as well as the new creative possibilities these changes are ushering in for advertisers.

The Roundtables: New Sound. New Rules.

4. Marketing in the Year 2030

“Technology will bridge and fill the void.” – Dave Neway, Head of Marketing, IBM Watson

2030 seems to be the next big landmark moment for governments, institutions and companies. The United Nations use 2030 as the horizon for their sustainability agenda, and many brands are aligning their own goals with the UN ambition. This roundtable will not predict flying cars or jetpacks; instead, it will connect today and tomorrow. Smart cities, biometrics, hyper-personalisation and automation will all revolutionise the consumer experience. But what should marketers be doing today to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow?

The Roundtables: Marketing in the Year 2030

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