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PrePex price reduction for Africa a great prospect

Circ MedTech Ltd., developer and manufacturer of the PrePex™ male circumcision device have announced that it will offer the device at a reduced price for Sub-Saharan African VMMC priority countries that employ male circumcision programmes as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention strategy.
Governments of 14 priority countries, identified by the World Health Organization (WHO), will be able to procure the device at $12 USD per unit in accordance with Circ MedTech's policy. The public health price - discounted from $20 USD per unit - applies to procurement of PrePex for implementation in Sub-Saharan African VMMC priority countries. By offering PrePex at a reduced price, national male circumcision programmes can enhance scale-up efforts, reaching more citizens faster, while saving healthcare funds.

African governments acknowledged PrePex as an effective means of scaling-up male circumcision programmes and to generate demand among men. In Rwanda, the Ministry of Health aims to circumcise 800,000 men by 2016, through a massive PrePex rollout. Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health and Child Care recently included the PrePex device as an integral part of its national VMMC Action Plan with a target of circumcising 1.3 million men by 2018. South Africa and Uganda are in advanced stages of PrePex implementation, and have each set a goal of reaching more than four million men with male circumcision services. Other countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho and Swaziland are in varying phases of PrePex implementation.

"We are proud to demonstrate our commitment toward an AIDS-free generation together with our partners in the HIV/AIDS prevention field. Through this initiative we can prevent transmission of diseases, reduce costs to public health systems and save countless lives,' says Eddy Horowitz, Circ MedTech's CEO

The PrePex device is currently available for adult males and will be available for adolescent boys in the near future. In addition, Circ MedTech is in advanced stages of adapting the PrePex technology for use with infants and children.

Horowitz added, "PrePex provides an easier, more convenient and cost-effective way of conducting male circumcision, both for patients and for healthcare providers. With our introduction of the non-surgical device for infants and children, PrePex will improve the male circumcision experience for men, boys and infants worldwide."

In 2007, the WHO and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) began advocating male circumcision as a preventive means of fighting HIV transmission after studies found that it reduces the risk of heterosexually-acquired HIV/AIDS infection by approximately 60%.

With an efficient non-surgical procedure, minimal discomfort, no loss of working days and high acceptability rates, PrePex has significantly increased demand among men and boost the scale-up of VMMC programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information go to www.prepex.com
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