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40,000 professional dollar millionaires are key to South African economic success

Profmed continues to invest in the future professional based on the commercial ramifications for SA, Inc

South Africa is an economic hub that contributes R1.9trn – one third – to the entire African continent's GDP.

According to the New World Wealth report, 38,400 dollar millionaires currently operate in South Africa. The largest portion of the country’s high net wealth individuals (HNWIs) acquired their wealth through the financial and professional services (including banks, law firms, accountants, fund managers and wealth managers), closely followed by the real estate sector. Profmed is in the business of covering these future professionals with their comprehensive medical aid options.

Craig Comrie, Profmed principal officer, says: “The professional talent in South Africa is the backbone of economic progression and understanding how to leverage this talent means understanding and showcasing the success of the individuals who collectively make up the future professionals of South Africa.”

Profmed has launched season two of its award-winning vodcast series to tackle a range of conversations relevant for South Africans at the forefront of job creation and GDP stimulation.

Comrie says: "2020 was a year that changed everything. It challenged our hopes and vision of the future and left us with uncertainty. But it also taught us that we can be adaptable and prosper. In a post-Covid-19 world, how can the future professional champion market innovation and growth?"

Comrie adds: "Season one attracted more than 26,000 listeners, and became a virtual support system for professionals hustling to keep their heads above water during 2020s lockdown months."

Future Professionals is an eight-episode vodcast series, where Profmed explores how we can take care of today, while simultaneously building a positive vision of the future, by interviewing some formidable local South African professionals.

Today’s professionals are evolving – they are leaders, innovators, disrupters and are the faces of the future professional for South Africa. The professionals of today are armed with skill sets that are contrastingly different to their predecessors and will continue to evolve to entirely new beings, tomorrow.

Interestingly, the 10 fastest growing industries in SA are:

  1. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  2. Transport and logistics
  3. Finance and banking
  4. Mining
  5. Communications and information technology
  6. Finance and banking
  7. Agriculture and agro-processing
  8. Fashion and beauty
  9. Automobile
  10. Real estate

“The lives of these future professionals and their families have been entrusted to us. We take that seriously. Because when we care about each other and trust in each other, we can achieve anything,” Comrie concludes.

The eight-part Future Professional vodcast series premiered on 3 June with Rapelang Rabana, followed by a riveting showcase of talent including Justin Cohen, Ulrico Grech-Cumbo, Aisha Pandor, Bronwyn Williams, Nikki Bush, Sophie Licht and Richard Mulholland.

Watch all eight episodes of the future professional vodcast series on

The series runs from 3 June until 9 September 2020.

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