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The shoemaker always forgets to mend his owns shoes

The old adage about the shoemaker who never mends his shoes, also applies to so many of us, regardless of our industry. The builder who never fixes his own roof - the plumber who has a leaking tap - the same goes for the communications professionals.
The communications industry is all-consumed with clients and rarely remembers to proactively promote its own business, let alone share knowledge about its business practices, case studies and industry challenges. Instead, it buries its head in the sand.

A glance at the media/marketing publications soon tells you all you need to know about the advertising industry: there's ongoing profiles, case studies and opinion pieces. You name it, the industry has a say. But, if you want to know what your communications competitors are up to, you will have to wait for the financial annuals (Financial Mail Ad Focus or Finance Week Ad Review or the annual ADvantage PR supplement).

A year ago last April, Louise Marsland, and I launched Communicate with a common purpose: to provide the PR/Communications industry with an effective tool/platform to publicise their business to existing and potential customers and fellow industry practitioners. Why? To develop a cohesive industry, as well as attract other service providers, business marketing and strategic consultants, event coordinators, promotional corporate gift companies, press-clipping services and media products that would add value to the industry and in so doing, to customers.

Communicate has covered some interesting topics with participating experts, including Deon Binnemann and Sally Falkow, and touched on topics such as crisis management, industry evaluation and how to capitalise on the history of a brand/business for publicity.

On a daily basis, you meet new people, make new contacts and learn about new issues and opportunities that are developing the communications sector. We are a fast-paced industry, but if we are to keep ahead of the rate of acceleration, we need to inform and share our knowledge with a view to developing a strong sector with the market place.

Email: and not only publicise your company/business to over 6 000 voluntary subscribers, but become a role model for this industry.

About Marie Yossava

Marie Yossava, founder and owner of Grapevine Communications, embarked on a PR/communications career more than two decades ago. In the past twenty years she has built a solid media relations consultancy, which focuses exclusively on media relations.

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