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Ayanda Allie on Accountability and Performance.

Ayanda Allie on Accountability and Performance.

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    Three African communication specialists accredited as SCMP but it is not enough says IABC Africa Chapter

    Three communication specialists, Tunbosun Afolayan - the first West African to earn the accolade - Ilse Blank, and Karlien Delport Botha, have achieved accreditation as Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMP) from the Africa Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
    Source: © 123rf  Three African communication specialists have been accredited as SCMP but it is not enough says the IABC Africa Chapter
    Source: © 123rf 123rf Three African communication specialists have been accredited as SCMP but it is not enough says the IABC Africa Chapter

    This increases the total number of SCMP professionals in Africa to eight. Currently, Africa accounts for only one percent of globally accredited Communication Management Professional (CMP) and four percent of SCM.

    Increasing accredited African communication professionals

    "While we celebrate the inclusion of another three African professionals in the GCCC registry, we must also address the need for more accredited communication experts from the continent, notes Camilla Osborne SCMP and IABC Africa chairperson.

    “At the same time, we would like to highlight the importance of accredited communication professionals for recruitment and human resource criteria,” she adds.

    The IABC Africa chapter is dedicated to increasing the number of accredited African communication professionals in the next five years. Their focus includes raising awareness of the benefits of accreditation for both individuals and organisations.

    Africa boasts a wealth of talented communicators, who deal with complex and uniquely African challenges, often with limited resources.

    International accreditation offers African communicators a pathway to professional development and career advancement, which are at the core of IABC Africa's mission.

    A significant milestone

    The SCMP accreditation, conferred by the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), is a significant milestone for communication professionals worldwide.

    Osborne emphasises the importance of this accomplishment: "Earning the SCMP accreditation underscores the pivotal role communication professionals play in driving organisational value. The evaluation and learning processes are thorough and require commitment.

    “Those who achieve accreditation enhance their credibility as strategic communication advisors, and importantly bring an African lens to global communication standards and best practices."

    Two accreditation levels

    The GCCC offers two accreditation levels:

    • Communication Management Professional (CMP) for individuals with six to eight years of experience and various academic qualifications.

    • SCMP for those with a minimum of 11 years of experience, along with additional academic, technical, and experiential requirements.

    Path to accreditation

    The three recently accredited African SCMP share their motivations for pursuing the path of accreditation.

    Tunbosun Afolayan SCMP, says, "The SCMP accreditation has not only enhanced my professional credibility, but it also serves as a powerful motivator to always deliver value-based, solution-oriented communication. As I build Pro AllyY to advance the field of energy communication, my skills help me navigate complex business landscapes with finesse, ultimately unlocking opportunities for my personal and professional advancement.”

    Ilse Blank SCMP highlights the importance of upholding international communication standards: "In today's hyper-connected and polarised global landscape, business executives are increasingly relying on trusted communication advisors who possess a blend of expertise in strategic thinking, business acumen, and value creation through strategic communication. Attaining my SCMP accreditation is opening more doors for me to serve organisations internationally and deliver measurable business value.”

    Karlien Delport Botha SCMP echoes these sentiments, “I wanted to measure myself against global standards as African communicators are often underestimated against our global peers, despite our consistent demonstration of communication excellence. After going through the process, I believe it provides validation for oneself and helps chart the path to becoming an invaluable communication advisor to organisations on the continent and beyond."

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