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Pitch meetings go both ways

Regine le Roux is the founder and managing director of Reputation Matters writes that when we pitch for work it's very much a two-way pitch. As much as you need to impress the potential client with your methodology and credentials. There must be mutual respect gained. They also need to pitch themselves to you...

By Regine le Roux 20 Oct 2020

USP: What are your eight words?

Can you fluently describe what your business' unique selling proposition (USP) is? What makes you stand out from your competitors? If you say it's the quality of your service or product, or your quick turnaround time, isn't that exactly what they are also saying?...

By Regine le Roux 23 Jul 2020

Why the CEO should be the spokesperson during a crisis

Who should take responsibility when things go wrong? Who should apologise to disgruntled stakeholders? Who should explain to the media what happened? The answer to these questions seems like a simple one - the CEO of course!...

By Regine le Roux 26 May 2020

Customer service matters

Don't blame Covid-19 for poor service. Covid-19 is just highlighting the gaps in your processes, so use this lockdown to update all your policies and procedures...

By Regine le Roux 15 May 2020

7 tips for crisis communication during the ultimate crisis: Covid-19

Whatever your location or type of business you run, the way in which you communicate during a crisis remains the same. Regine le Roux, founder and managing director of Reputation Matters, shares seven habits of highly successful crisis communicators...

By Regine le Roux 26 Mar 2020

#BizTrends2020: Looking back to look forward

As a businessowner whose company vision is to be Africa's reputation research company of choice to build sustainable businesses, it is important to be up to date with what is happening on our continent. Trade is booming across Africa...

By Regine le Roux 6 Jan 2020

Measurement Month: How are your communication efforts measuring up?

It is so important that the whole business sings from the same reputation hymn sheet to build a strong and positive reputation. Here are 14 compelling reasons why reputation research matters...

By Regine le Roux 27 Nov 2019

Lessons from the Thomas Cook collapse

I believe that there are three key things that all businesses can learn from the collapse of Thomas Cook...

By Regine le Roux 30 Sep 2019

#BizTrends2019: Proactively managing reputations

Now, more than ever before, corporates and government are being watched under society's magnifying glass. How did organisations fair this year with managing their reputations? How do we move away from being reactive towards being proactive...?

By Regine le Roux 28 Jan 2019

Steinhoff's reputation is in tatters

Steinhoff faces the threat of becoming the biggest bankruptcy in South African corporate history. How does this happen? Regine le Roux reckons it all boils down to lack of internal governance...

By Regine le Roux 29 Dec 2017

Pay back the money Bell Pottinger

As the Bell Pottinger scandal dies down, the public relations industry in South Africa is reeling to pick up the pieces...

By Regine le Roux 27 Sep 2017

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