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Goodleaf introduces functional mushroom brand Goodmind

African CBD wellness brand Goodleaf has launched a premium functional mushroom brand, called Goodmind.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Functional mushrooms have become increasingly popular in health and wellness circles across the globe. While CBD focuses on restoring calm, Goodleaf states that functional mushrooms can assist with enhanced focus and clarity, increased mental stamina, and immunity and stress support.

What are functional mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms refer to the rare form of mushrooms that grow in the dense forests, high on the Himalayan plateau. They may be emerging in mainstream cultures right now, but functional mushrooms have been used in East Asian medicine for thousands of years, with the earliest recorded use dating to 450 BC.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

"Unlike other health fads that come and go, the science is clear – these mushrooms have proven health benefits for the mind and body. Research shows that functional mushrooms harness the power of adaptogens – non-toxic, non-psychoactive fungi, used for centuries in traditional medicine for their stress-relieving benefits," says Goodleaf.

Functional mushrooms should not be confused with psychedelic or magic mushrooms. "They are legal and safe to use, with no toxins or risk of getting 'high'. A growing number of clinical trials continue to show their safety and benefits," the company says.

Types of mushrooms

The Goodmind product includes three mushrooms, namely: Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps. Each of these mushroom species has its own benefits, explains Goodleaf, from memory-boosting and cognitive health benefits, to immune function support and energy optimisation.

Goodleaf states that all of the mushrooms contained in Goodmind are sustainably sourced and the capsules are locally produced. Goodmind is available in capsule form.

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