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Smart Media doubles the power of in-store digital media

In-store advertising specialists Smart Media are proud to announce another in-store digital innovation; the double-sided digital hanging boards. These digital boards are perfect for grabbing the attention of today's busy customers. This new offering is launching in 14 key Dis-Chem stores across the country.
Smart Media doubles the power of in-store digital media

Strategic placement for maximum impact

“These slim, elegant double-sided digital boards offer high-impact advertising at strategic hotspots in-store,” says Raquel O’Donoghue, Head of Projects at Smart Media. The 43-inch portrait-oriented LED screens deliver crisp and vibrant digital content right where customers want it most: in the aisles where they make purchasing decisions.

These double-sided digital screens are tactically placed in Dis-Chem’s Personal Care (Face & Body) aisles, where customers tend to linger over their many choices. O’Donoghue explains: “This placement offers brands a captive audience made up largely of their target market. Serving customers, a strong call to action at this point in their shopping journey increases the chance in changing their buying behaviours, based on the exposure to this medium.”

Doubling down on the power of digital

This is far from Smart Media’s first foray into the power of digital content. From grand 2x2.5m Digital Window Displays at Dis-Chem entrances to slim and super-visible Digital shelf strips and 3D Holograms that can be found across stores aisles across the nation. Smart Media is no stranger to bringing rich, eye-catching digital experiences to customers at every point in their shopping journey.

These new double-sided digital screens further amplify the benefits of in-store digital media. According to O’Donoghue, “The ability to serve multiple brand messages while keeping the audience engaged makes digital media an invaluable marketing tool.” Adding to the benefits these slim double-sided digital screens don’t need to mirror a single digital slot, thus expanding the ability to tell an even wider brand story.

This is perfect for brands that rely on demonstrations, before-and-afters, and testimonials to bring their brand story to life. Brands can easily announce new products, take advantage of seasonal trends, share promotions and educate their potential customers about the benefits of their products in real time through the double-sided digital hanging boards.

Cost effective content agility with real-time updates

Smart Media’s remote content management system creates the perfect blend of predictability and agility. And with no manual installations, this rich brand messaging is cost effective too. “We work with brands to create a tailored content strategy schedule for in-store communications,” adds O’Donoghue, “and because the system is updated in real time, we can quickly refresh the boards with new content to stay agile.”

As customers are presented with more choices than ever, brands must find fresh ways to reach them at key points in their shopper journey, and Smart Media’s double-sided digital hanging boards are just one of the products as part of their innovative in-store solutions.

Smart Media will be rolling out the double-sided digital hanging boards in 14 Dis-Chem stores across South Africa and are offering all clients 30% OFF each slot as part of their in-store Spring Promotion, valid until 1 November 2020.

For more information, contact us or email us on az.oc.aidemtrams@sgnikoob.

About Smart Media

Established in 2004, Smart Media is an in-store innovator that provides South African retailers with 360° solutions designed to entrench brand loyalty with shoppers. It delivers integrated in-store advertising offerings that encompass every step of the shopper journey.

Smart Media inspires confidence with retailers through innovation in the in-store media space as it continuously looks for new ways to create magical moments between a brand and its customers. Designed to educate the customer and drive sales, the Smart Media in-store advertising value proposition keep brands top of mind in an increasingly competitive market.

Smart Media
Smart Media is a solution-driven in-store innovator. We inspire confidence with retailers, strategically partnering with clients in the moment that matters, entrenching brand loyalty with shoppers by providing 360° solutions.

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