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The new Polo is launched with over confidence

The new Volkswagen Polo is being launched by Ogilvy Cape Town, the brand's long-standing local agency, with a friendly warning: Beware the confidence.

Directed by Greg Gray from Romance Films, a humorous television ad, titled ‘Red Flashy Thingy’, follows the journey of a young professional who buys the new Volkswagen Polo and becomes overconfident as a result of the multitude of new features available in the vehicle. A simple act of parking in a reserved space quickly spirals out of control and sends him on a journey filled with wailing CEOs, hopeless scientists, doomed space programmes and one big red flashy thingy.

Guided by a narrator (Bob Dunsworth), who sounds like he’s seen the consequences of this type of confidence before, and brought to life by Bladeworks Post Production and Chocolate Tribe, ‘Red Flashy Thingy’ shows how a little bit of Polo confidence can go a long way.

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