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Breede River Valley becomes solar power hotspot

"The fact that there is relatively little rain in the region puts it among some of the best places for solar generation in the country."

10 Jul 2020

Electric vehicles could add to carbon emissions and load shedding: but there's a solution

South Africa's well positioned to adopt electric vehicles but this isn't a solution in itself because the vehicles would still depend on electricity generated from carbon-emitting coal power stations...

By MJ (Thinus) Booysen and Mark Apperley 10 Jul 2020

Sappi commits to setting science-based emission reduction targets

To coincide with World Environment Day and South Africa's Environment Month, on 4 June 2020, Sappi Limited committed to set science-based targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)...

Issued by Sappi 9 Jul 2020

2020 Rhino Conservation Awards winners celebrated on World Ranger Day

The finalists in this year's Rhino Conservation Awards have been announced, with the winners to be celebrated on 31 July, coinciding with World Ranger Day...

7 Jul 2020

What is shaping culture? Eco South Africa

Brett Rogers explores the edges of culture and how things are changing, providing valuable insights for brands wanting to understand who and what is shaping culture...

By Brett Rogers 6 Jul 2020

Why rural electrification won't fix deforestation in Zimbabwe

Reliance on biomass such as fuelwood for energy in rural areas has a strong bearing on Zimbabwe's environment...

By Ellen Fungisai Chipango 3 Jul 2020

Covid-19, Africa's conservation and trophy hunting dilemma

Wildlife conservation hasn't escaped the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic...

By Duan Biggs, Alexander Richard Braczkowski, Alta De Vos, Hayley Clements 30 Jun 2020

Scientists warn of increasing threats posed by invasive alien species

Invasive alien species have emerged as one of the top five threats to biodiversity and ecosystems globally, yet only a handful of countries regard biosecurity measures as a priority...

By Wiida Fourie-Basson 29 Jun 2020

Further developments to the carbon tax framework

On 19 June 2020, Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, finalised the next set of regulatory mechanisms applicable to the Carbon Tax Act, 2019 (the Act)...

By Paula-Ann Novotny and Gillian Niven 26 Jun 2020

#YouthMonth: How Hasheel Tularam developed his outdoor addiction into a fulfilling career

Hasheel Tularam is a senior environmental scientist at SRK Consulting. He's passionate about protecting and preserving the natural environment and feels blessed to live in a country so full of natural beauty...

26 Jun 2020

Korean bamboo cultivation system recognised as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System

The Republic of Korea's Damyang Bamboo Field Agriculture System, a traditional farming system in Damyang, has been recognised as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System...

26 Jun 2020

Affluence is killing the planet, warn scientists

Would you like to be rich? Chances are your answer is: "Yes! Who wouldn't want to be rich?" Clearly, in societies where money can buy almost everything, being rich is generally perceived as something good...

By Thomas Wiedmann, Julia K. Steinberger, and Manfred Lenzen 25 Jun 2020

Sappi acts #ForNature and celebrates World Environment Day 2020

We have marvelled as the planet has taken a breather along with her inhabitants and has rejuvenated herself, as we have rediscovered the abundance that she has to offer. It is why it is so apt that it is the theme for this year's World Environment Day...

Issued by Sappi 5 Jun 2020

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