Healthcare Trends 2020

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Three healthcare technologies which could revolutionise the industry in the next decade

What will the new decade bring in terms of healthcare, and which exciting new technologies will revolutionise the industry over the coming years?...

Issued by Lebrau Press 3 Feb 2020

Tech-driven healthcare will optimise costs

Healthcare costs continue to increase year on year, putting both private and public sector healthcare organisations under pressure...

By Theresa Ackerman 22 Jan 2020

#BestofBiz 2019: Healthcare

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2019 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views...

17 Dec 2019

#StartupStory: Innovative solutions for people with disabilities

Portia Mavhungo understands the loss of independence and dignity people face when they are permanently wheelchair-bound...

By Evan-Lee Courie 9 Dec 2019

Using nanomedicine to fight TB

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world's deadliest infectious diseases. It's massive, it's tricky, and treatment can be exhausting (and toxic). But there may be new hope for TB treatment on the horizon: nanomedicine.

By Nicklaus Kruger 6 Dec 2019

Join the modern workplace with Microsoft Office 365 and Tarsus on Demand

Struggling with admin, patient bookings, and general time management? You don't need to, when one software suite can solve it all...

Issued by Microsoft 2 Dec 2019

Enhance your wellbeing with DR+SWISS

SA's most premium range of CBD Oil products formulated from harvesting Europe's finest hemp crops combined with the latest in Swiss extraction technology to ensure the utmost purity...

Issued by OnPoint PR 28 Nov 2019

Lee-Ann Liebenberg launches new health and wellness brand

Lee-Ann Liebenberg is launching a new health and wellness brand called DR+SWISS, a range of products that contains premium CBD oils sourced from Switzerland, into the South African market...

Issued by OnPoint PR 28 Nov 2019

#AfricaCom: Beyond fintech, where humans and technology meet

Fintech is the trailblazer for interactions between humans and tech, and learnings beyond that journey can be extended to agriculture, education and healthcare...

By Nicci Botha 15 Nov 2019

#AfricaCom: AI's role in combatting inequalities in healthcare

Globally, the challenge of any healthcare system is to deliver consistent services across the board, whether it's in a big city or a rural setting...

By Nicci Botha 14 Nov 2019

Healthcare facilities at mines have vulnerable data - is it being adequately protected?

In the mining industry maintaining accurate, secure medical records for up to 40 years is compounded by an environment that that are often fairly hostile and prone to natural disaster...

By Hemant Harie 11 Nov 2019

South Africa is one step closer to processed titanium alloys

William Gregor, an amateur mineralogist and chemist, first discovered ilmenite - some black sand containing one of the world's lightest metals - in the UK in 1791...

By Michael Oluwatosin 7 Nov 2019

#EntrepreneurMonth: Easy to use health records on the go

We know that when it comes to your health information, you need your data on hand, as well as that of the ones you love...

By Evan-Lee Courie 1 Nov 2019

Improving healthcare delivery will stop profits from bleeding

Many of the gaps where healthcare facilities are haemorrhaging profits are related to inefficiencies and pain points that result from the dissatisfaction of other stakeholders in the network, such as patients and medical staff...

23 Oct 2019

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