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Fosta the sound with Hunter’s Premium Cider and Jacquel Culture House

Hunter’s, the proudly South African cider that refreshes like nothing on Earth, is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Jacquel Culture House (JCH) and multi-award-winning African pop maverick, Tresor. First initiated in 2022, this collaboration is set to reignite the music scene, providing aspiring musicians with unprecedented opportunities for growth and success.
Fosta the sound with Hunter’s Premium Cider and Jacquel Culture House

“The Hunter’s X Jacquel Culture House (JCH) campaign emerges as a tangible platform to embody the essence of Uk’Fosta – a celebration of perseverance, passion, and determination. Through this partnership, Hunter’s continues its commitment to empowering the youth, offering avenues for self-expression and achievement within the music industry,” says Nontsikelelo Gumede, Hunter’s brand manager.

Hunter’s is keenly attuned to the aspirations of the youth. Through the Hunter’s X JCH initiative, we endeavour to resonate with the desires and dreams of upcoming artists.

“More than just a collaboration, the Hunter’s X JCH initiative is a movement dedicated to empowering South African musicians. By providing access to invaluable industry insights, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to masterclasses, we seek to nurture and uplift the next generation of musical talent,” commented Tresor.

The competition will be rolled out across three phases:

Phase 1: Talent Search announcement (1 April – 22 April)
Phase 2: Top 10 Dragons Den Live with Masterclasses (May)
Phase 3: Top 2 winners identified for Mentorship (June)

“At Hunter’s, we champion the spirit of Uk’Fosta – the unwavering determination to pursue one's passion despite obstacles. Through this partnership, we celebrate individuals who embody Uk’Fosta, recognising that superstars don’t always start off super,” added Gumede.

The top two finalists of the Hunter’s X JCH campaign will stand to win an extraordinary prize package, including a full-day one-on-one mentorship session, PR interviews, studio equipment to the value of R25,000, and an exclusive opportunity to perform as a paid artist at chosen Hunter’s events in 2024.

If you think you have what it takes, simply enter by uploading your video on

Follow Hunter’s and Jacquel Culture House’s social media platforms for more information and announcements. Join us in fostering a culture of creativity, passion, and determination within the South African music scene.

Hunter’s Refreshes Like Nothing on Earth.

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Fosta the sound with Hunter’s Premium Cider and Jacquel Culture House

Hunter’s Premium Cider promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

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About Hunter’s

Hunter's offers a burst of natural cider for unisex consumers looking for real refreshment from the first gulp. Hunter's was launched in 1988 as a refreshing, masculine alternative to beer. Its popularity has grown since then, making it the second-largest cider brand in Africa and the go-to thirst quencher for every occasion. The Hunter's range includes Hunter's Dry, Hunter's Gold, Hunter's Hard Lemon and Hunter's Export.

About Jacquel Culture House

Jacquel Culture House is a prominent platform dedicated to nurturing and promoting South African talent across various creative domains. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, JCH aims to empower the next generation of artists and innovators and drive positive change within the local creative landscape.

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