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Boo-Yah! partners with the EU's 'Best of Global Digital Marketing'

Boo-Yah!, an advisory and educational marketing services company, has announced its exclusive partnership with The Best of Global Digital Marketing, a Europe-based producer of workshops and in-house training on digital marketing.
In an age of constant change, the secret recipe to fuel creativity and inspire innovation is to explore the potential hidden inside the digital universe through the case studies of mavericks and underdogs who triumph with successful campaigns.
– Carmen Murray, founder of Boo-Yah!

Carmen Murray

The Best of Global Digital Marketing does an in-depth study of award-winning digital marketing case studies with excellent business results across the globe. It delves into the background of each case study and gives insight into why these campaigns were successful. The case studies are assembled by experienced reporters, marketers and researchers who collect the information and case studies.

Bespoke content marketing workshops are created by doing a diagnosis of the clients’ challenges, sector and vision. 20 case studies are carefully extracted from the extensive library of case studies from all over the world to find ideas, to borrow from the best of the world, and to discover how other brands approached the same challenges.

“We use group synergy," says founder Hando Sinisalu. "Everybody participates in creating ideas for you and everyone goes home with at least one very good idea they can execute already the day after the workshop.”

Hando Sinisalu

Boo-Yah! will be the local representative who will deliver the workshops and in-house training in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

"Boo-Yah! aims to collaborate only with the best marketing leaders across the globe that support the vision to get marketers future-fit and embrace the new marketing approach to best serve the connected individual. Boo-Yah! enriches the international courses, masterclasses and workshops to tap into the African market, our diverse cultures, trends and challenges," says Murray.

The modern marketer is a connected one

In the 1970s, people were served about 300 ads a day. Today it's about 5,000 ads a day. It's a product-polluted world with smart consumers, where it's no longer about differentiation, but about multiple and meaningful connections, says Carmen Murray, founder of Boo-Yah!...

By Jessica Tennant 2 Feb 2018

Sinisalu adds: “Content marketing is becoming more and more important. Many brands actually have not understood the content marketing game yet. We’ll demonstrate what brands should do in the space of content marketing, what are best practices and what you will learn from these practices.”

Here's an example of one of the case studies that will be unpacked:

For more info, got to and The Best of Global Digital Marketing.



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