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Afrika Tikkun encourages SA youth to join the conversation

During its Annual Alumni Day events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Afrika Tikkun celebrated Youth Month with discussions around the importance of preparing for the fourth industrial revolution. CEO of Afrika Tikkun Marc Lubner opened the first event with inspirational words urging young people to participate in debates and discussions such as these in order to join the conversation and discover the greater opportunities that await them as the next generation of South African leaders.

More than 600 young people from Diepsloot, Hillbrow, Orange Farm and Alexandra attended the Joburg leg of the Annual Alumni Day at the Metropolitan Building in Braamfontein on Saturday, 15 June; whilst representatives of African Bank and Afrika Tikkun, as well as SA celebrity and Afrika Tikkun ambassador Sibongakonke KK Fumba sat on the panel.

In Cape Town, over 150 alumni members of the Afrika Tikkun Alumni Programme turned out for the event held at the Zolile Malindi community centre in Mfuleni on Friday, 21 June to engage on the same topic of discussion. Guests and panelists included representatives of Afrika Tikkun, local colleges, corporate and government entities.

Commemorating the youth

Annual Alumni Day is a marked occasion on the Afrika Tikkun calendar as the organisation celebrates the significance of Youth Day. The event, among others, commemorates the actions of young people that gave hope to South Africa, and provides opportunities and platforms for young people to engage on youth development, career guidance, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is also one of the many ways Afrika Tikkun provides continued support to graduates of its developmental programmes.

Afrika Tikkun ambassador Sibongakonke KK Fumba

As Afrika Tikkun celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, alumni also shared their success stories under the theme ‘We are Afrika Tikkun’s Legacy’.

Onyi Nwaneri, group executive of strategic partnerships and marketing at Afrika Tikkun commented, "Afrika Tikkun’s Annual Alumni Day provides the perfect opportunity for young people to engage, network and interact with exhibitors, panelists and guests on the future of youth development and employment in the country; sorely needed in these times. For this, we would like to thank all our partners involved in making the day such a success and we look forward to furthering those partnerships in order to make a real difference in the lives of our young people".

“This programme is borne out of a determination to end youth unemployment and to sustainably keep young people out of poverty,” said Nwaneri.

The Afrika Tikkun Alumni Programme was introduced in 2018 as the fifth arm of Afrika Tikkun’s holistic Cradle to Career 360ยบ model, intended to further their objective of empowering South African youth and securing new ways of sustainably curbing youth unemployment.
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