#WomensMonth: There's no such thing as "too ambitious"

Miantha Roux is marketing manager: beverages for Clover and briefly skimming her career highlights shows she's living proof of her mantra, 'There's no such thing as too ambitious'. This #WomensMonth, she talks us through the need for better female representation in the creative industries and how brands can build more empowered females through passion, purpose and persistence.
Miantha Roux, marketing manager: beverages for Clover SA.

Roux has always had an immense passion for marketing, having already worked on brands such as SAB, Mondelez and Clover.

In her four years at Clover, career highlights have included being promoted from brand group manager of Tropika, Duo and Super M to marketing manager: Clover beverages, where she now looks after all juices, including Tropika, Duo, Krush, Quali, Clover Life Nectar; as well as flavoured milk brands Super M and Mmmilk; and the Clover family’s full soy portfolio. That’s ambition.

Product of the Year 2016 award for Tropika

Tropika, the fruit juice-based brand, has won the 'dairy beverage' Product of the Year 2016 award at the Innovation Awards...

26 Feb 2016

Roux is also proud of having successfully implementing new and innovative ideas on an already existing promotional platform on the Tropika brand, Tropika Island of Treasure.

If that name’s only ringing a slight bell of recognition for you, Roux explains that it’s a TV show that pairs celebrities with everyday consumers, to compete in various challenges on exotic islands, to win their share of R1m. Roux says:
Besides being an avenue to generate awareness for the Tropika brand, TIOT successfully drives sales for the brand. Together with my team, we brought back the TIOT campaign after a two-year break off air, and thus managed TIOT season 7, which was shot in the Seychelles and showcased between 2016 and 2017; as well as TIOT season 8, which was shot in the Maldives and showcased between 2017 and 2018; with TIOT9 coming in 2019.
More ambition, paired with passion, purpose and persistence.

Here, Roux explains what it's like working on a brand like Tropika that’s not only one of Clover’s flagship brands but also the market leader in the short-life juice category; while also growing a strong presence in the media space, with Tropika Island of Treasure; as well as how she marries her brand management, marketing and media responsibilities…

BizcommunityWhat’s it like working on a brand like Tropika, with TOIT season 9 coming in 2019?

It is something very special and is a unique experience for any marketing manager. The product itself is in a category of its own, and because of this, it requires constant innovation, from both a product perspective and a marketing perspective.

'Smooothing' into the new Tropika tagline

"When I eat a pie I'm Gloria, when I eat a pie with Tropika I'm Glorioussss!" You either love it or hate it - whatever the case, the new Tropika ads are certainly being noticed...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Oct 2015

You need to look at new ways to reach new consumers and ensure you’re retaining existing consumers at the same time.

The platform that was created in the form of Tropika Island of Treasure is something so unique, and a big asset for the Tropika brand.

It exposes you to a completely different type of marketing, which encompasses a 360-degree approach, where you are focusing on both sales and awareness, and also exposes you to new skills and experiences within the marketing function.
Not only are you having to produce a TV show, but you also need to factor in on-pack promotional marketing before and during the show; live activations and auditions before the show; profiling of various celebrities and consumer contestants through publicity before, during and after the show; and more – all of which needs to work together and be meticulously planned and executed, and ultimately needs to achieve the main objective of driving sales over a lengthy campaign period.
TIOT does this very effectively.

Behind the scenes of Tropika Island of Treasure

In March 2017 Tropika will embark on their seventh season of Tropika Island of Treasure featuring a host of local celebs in the Seychelles. Bizcommunity got the branding strategy low-down from Miantha Padayachee, brand group manager for Tropika at Clover.

2 Nov 2016

BizcommunityThat is quite the responsibility! How do you marry your marketing and media responsibilities?

For me, it’s essential to keep the brand top of mind and to remind myself of the role of the brand in our consumers’ lives.

Also, we are ultimately here to sell more product, so any campaign we run will always have a strong sales-linked element.

BizcommunityLet’s dive right into the milky waters of #WomensMonth then: Talk us through the need for better female representation in the creative industries

Public relations, marketing and advertising agencies are very powerful vehicles for communicating key messages to society. These industries are, however, to this day still very male-dominated.

We are slowly starting to see a change in some agencies and industries across the board where women are moving into higher positions, but it does need to happen faster, and more effectively.

#BehindtheSelfie with... Tumi Voster

This extended #EntrepreneurMonth, we go behind the selfie with technophile Tumi Voster - she's marketing manager for Universal Music, a 5FM radio DJ, and a Tropika Island of Treasure Maldives celebrity...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Nov 2017

Diversity is definitely needed within the creative industry. That’s why it’s so exciting as a female to be heading up one of the biggest brands within the FMCG space, as it provides an opportunity to empower other women in various ways.

BizcommunityThat leads to my next question: How can businesses ensure more empowered females enter and shine in the local creative industries?
  • Businesses and brands need to support women coming up the ranks and should not discriminate against them because of their gender.
  • Better internship programmes for female learners should be implemented, and more effective ways of promoting women who are deserving of key roles need to be looked at and executed.
  • It’s also vital that young women, particularly interns and trainees, have strong mentors to learn from and be challenged by, within their positions.
BizcommunityLet’s end with a few tips for young females looking to follow in your footsteps.

Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind or fear being seen as “too ambitious”. Let your voice be heard, and don’t back down in your beliefs – for yourself and for your brand. Dream big, work hard and do everything with passion and purpose.

Wise words. Keep up with Tropika Islands of Treasure and Roux on the following social channels: Roux on Twitter | Clover on Twitter | Tropika on Twitter | #TIOT8 | Roux on Instagram | Tropika on Instagram.

Also watch #TIOT8 winner Lisanne Lazarus, digital producer for the breakfast show on East Coast Radio, for a few more words of inspiration this #WomensMonth:

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